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The exclusive collab between Nike Air Jordan and Drake’s brand ‘October’s Very Own’ took the sneaker community by storm, and its limited availability only heightened it’s appeal. Read on for all the info you need on this iconic trainer.

It was only a matter of time before Nike and Drake’s own brand, October’s Very Own, teamed up to design a limited edition piece. Luckily for all the sneaker heads of the world, what they created was a pair of trainers, and the hype for them went far beyond that of a normal release.

Nike Air Jordan 10 Retro THIS

With a sleek, fitted design and overall clean design, the ovos could easily blend into the modern collection of trainers released at the time. However they still manage to maintain a unique 90s vibe with its bold, fluid panelling, taking it away from looking simplistic and instead ensuring it stays a constantly stylish piece.


  • Premium leather
  • Semitransparent outersole
  • OVO’s trademark sockliner

nike air jordan x retro ovo all you need


With news of the collab hitting the internet, and sneakerheads all over the world anticipating its release, many were disappointed to find out how limited the collection really was. Only a select few stores were set to sell the trainers, and an ever small amount of these stores had them stocked in more than four shops.

When the trainers went on sale, they actually retailed for a fairly reasonable price, however with the hype and desire for the kicks continuing on way after the release, the re-sales of the shoes went for prices up to £500. The ovos are now



Original Release Date

White and gold colour way: September 12th, 2015

All black colour way: February 13th, 2016

Original Model Name

Air Jordan 10 THIS



Key Drop Variations

Two colours came from this famous collab – a clean, gold and white colour way and a striking all black colour.

Jordan 10 White

The first to be released and featuring intricate gold detailing on a off-white patterned base. Subtle detailing helps to bring the look together and create a stylish and well balanced finish. These kicks are statement pieces and not to be ignored.

jordan 10 white

Jordan 10 Black

Maintaining the same intricate patterning of the white and gold design, but set in a sleek, all black look that keeps the piece versatile without totally blending into the background. These all black retro 10s are great for casual wear with a twist, and their fitted, well formed design means you’ll have a versatile and stylish look, as well as comfortable fit.

air jordan 10 retro ovo black

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