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As one of the most iconic trainer designs on the market the Nike Blazers have been a popular choice for over 40 years.

Born in the 70s and beginning its life as a basketball shoe, the Nike Blazer has gone through various evolutions, making a name for itself as a classic and iconic part of Nike history.

Nike Blazer

With the trademark swoosh mark planted proudly on its side, and colours ranging from classic black to multi-coloured, the Nike Blazer has kept its traditional 70s look while still managing to change with the times. Made popular by the fantastical feats of basketball pro George “The Iceman” Gervin, the Nike Blazer took on an association with style and pure talent, making them a go to for trainer enthusiasts around the world.

Nike Blazers George “The Iceman” Gervin


  • Clean swoosh branding
  • Textured vulcanised sole
  • Mesh nylon tongue


Introduced as a basketball shoe in the 1970s, and getting its name from the American basketball team the Portland Trail Blazers, the Nike Blazer went to the masses wish list when photos of the iconic basketball player George Gervin, or The Iceman, and his impressive dunks hit the newspapers. However it didn’t stay a solely a basketball staple for long, and with the 80s skater scene loving the steady grip and sturdy make, the Nike Blazers became the number one choice of footwear for amature as well as pro skaters.



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Key Drop Variations

Nike Blazer Vintage

Taking on the classic 70s silhouette the Nike Blazer Vintage range went back to basics with their range of simplistic and versatile pieces, emphasising the famous swoosh embellishment and strong shape.

Nike Blazer High Vintage

In a skater friendly high design the Nike Blazer High Vintage style is a perfect piece to achieve a classic, understated, yet street style heavy look.

Nike Blazer High Vintage

Nike Blazer Low Vintage

A less intense look than the high style, easier to style, yet just as classic. This style can easily be incorporated into a range of looks, and has a strong, iconic silhouette.

Nike Blazer Vintage low

Nike Blazer Leather

Leather shoes are always great at adding a touch of interest to a basic outfit, with the soft sheen helping to create a sleeker, more dimensional look.

Nike Blazer Leather

Nike Sb Blazer Mid

Bold, thick soled, but with a smooth, clean finish, the Nike Sb Blazer Mid trainers are ideal at giving you some extra height and an effortlessly stylish finish.

Nike Sb Blazer Mid

Nike Sb Blazer Low

Less intense than its high top brothers, the Nike Sb Blazer Lows have a more versatile look, yet still maintain a bold style that can help add a boost of 90s charm to your outfit.

Nike Sb Blazer

Nike Blazer High Suede

Ideal for injecting a little colour into your look, these bright kicks can be worn with an all black outfit for a striking boost, or incorporated into a mixed look to bring out the colour of each piece.

Nike Blazer High Suede

Red Nike Blazers

Red trainers have always been surprisingly versatile, and these Nike Blazers can easily be matched with everything from joggers to jeans, giving your outfit a sleek yet colourful boost.

Red Nike Blazers

White Nike Blazers

Try out the monochrome look with these classic white Nike Blazers. Great paired with simple jeans and a T-shirt, or making a statement next to an all black outfit.

  White Nike Blazers

Nike Blazer Green

nike blazer green

Nike Blazer Blue

In a soft, downy blue, Nike showed off their subtle versatility with these blue kicks, embracing the striking swoosh embellishment and matching it with a strong white sole and laces.

nike blazer blue

Nike Blazer Selvage Denim

Denim lining and an elegant strip of green is the trademark of these selvage denim Blazers. The muted yet eye-catching colours are effortlessly versatile and the clear attention to detail makes these a stand out design.

nike blazer selvage denim

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