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Punk. Popularity blooming in the 70’s and 80’s, it’s become an entire subculture. The punk scene is heavily associated with ‘anti-establishment’ and rebellion. Punks historically embody the misunderstood and underprivileged. They celebrate their collective different differences all under the banner of ‘punk’. Whatever it may be; clothing, music or anything else, punks seek to defy the status-quo. But it’s the punk hairstyle we’re here to discuss.

Punk hairstyles are almost synonymous with some of the most creative and original hairstyles around. You hear punk and probably immediately think mohawk but there are far more punk hairstyles out there to choose from. In fact, there are so many different styles that it’s difficult to define what a true punk hairstyle actually is. Either way, you shan’t be short of inspiration. Wanting to stand out from the crowd? Want to reflect that rising angst in a defiant new look? You soon will be as we cover a whopping 55 great punk hairstyles that’ll make you awaken to your inner rebel.

1. Punk Buzzcuts

punk buzzcuts
@Mikhail Nilov via pexels

He’s no stranger to dyeing his hair. The former One Direction member rocks a military buzz-cut with a punk twist: It’s dyed in a pretty out-there acid green. Zayn Malik is a regular to ‘most fashionable men of the year’ lists so be reassured in following his example.

2.  Grunge Hairstyles

grunge hairstyles
@Austin Wade via Unsplash

Grunge: Fusion of punk rock and heavy metal. When you talk grunge, you think the iconic late Kurt Cobain. Famous for both his rebellious attitude and blonde locks, the Nirvana frontman rocks a chin-length disheveled ‘do. What shows you don’t care more than messy hair? Cobain’s dirty blonde elevates this style one step further as it almost looks dyed. If you weren’t born with dirty blonde hair consider dying to fully realise this iconic style.

3. Punk Mohawk Mullet

punk mohawk mullet
@JJ Jordan via pexels

Want to combine the two biggest hairstyles of the 80’s? The 1975 frontman Matt Healy achieves this flawlessly while keeping the look fresh with sharp sides. This style demands attention. No matter what you think of Healy’s band you can’t deny this style is nothing but rebellious. (Want more on modern mullets?)

4. Short Dreadlocks

short dreadlocks
@Jews Samson via Unsplash

This variation on traditional dreadlocks lends itself to the punk scene nicely. A spiky, re-adjustable messy top gives it that punk-vibe while the sharply tapered sides give that modern feeling. The beard really works to bring this look together. If it’s not quite rebellious enough for you consider some red dyed tips to really make a statement.

5. Pop-Punk Hairstyles

pop-punk hairstyles
@Erik Lucatero via Unsplash

Pop-punk bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy dominated the early 2000’s. As the name suggests the music was a fusion of pop and punk and this is also showcased in the style. Fall Out Boy’s bassist Pete Wentz works the mop that was so popular just some 10 years ago. Does it make you feel nostalgic? It’s probably because half of your classmates had it.  Let the hair grow out then straighten it forward to achieve its jagged appearance. It’s not so popular now but fashion goes in circles, it might be back in style sooner than we think.

6. The Rebel’s Pompadour

the rebel's pompadour
@twm1340 via WordPress

Perhaps the ultimate punk. The late James Dean’s pompadour was made iconic both by his own rebellious nature and that of his standout role in Rebel Without a Cause. Combed back, messy and classic, this easy to maintain ‘do will forever be stylish. (Other great styles that won’t go out of fashion)

7. Dyed Mowhawk

dyed mowhawk
@Amritpal Singh via Unsplash

When you thought the synonymous punk hairstyle couldn’t be any more punk in comes Jared Leto with a dyed mohawk. One dye just isn’t enough for the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman. Leto dyes his mohawk red while keeping the rest of his hair bleach blonde. It screams for attention so it’s not for wallflowers but it’s a great look for creative jobs. Just don’t turn up to the office in it.

8. Rockabilly Punk

amritpal singh
@Prajjal Biswas via Unsplash

One of the earliest styles of rock music dating back to the 1950’s. A blend of rock and country the rockability style is short and slick on the sides and BIG on top. This is showcased by Bruno Mars’ interpretation above. Another great look that is future proof.

On That Note

There you have it, 55 punk hairstyles for guys. Yes, there is a great variety but perhaps, that is the beauty of a punk hairstyle. Though there is a plethora of incredible punk looks out there, one thing always remains the same: Punk hairstyles rebel against the norm and that is punk all over.

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Feature image from Unsplash

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