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Asian hair is often considered as natural, short & low-maintenance. Most times, this is the case since Asians love quick & easy haircuts. Their hair is very beautiful, and plenty of people can find inspiration in their hair types & texture. If an Asian hairstyle is something that intrigues you, you should look into this article. We will explain everything about Asian hair, but we will also present different hair options for every guy to consider.

Why Is Asian Hair So Straight?

Believe it or not, there are three different and so-called “original” ethical hair profiles. Those are Asian hair, Caucasian hair, as well as African hair. Every hairstyle & hair type is different and has its own characteristics.

In this case, Asian hair and its cuticle will have round and even shape. This will determine that their hair grows perpendicularly to the scalp. This is why this hair is often straight, dark brown, or black. Also, what is amazing & unusual about this hair type is that it can grow 1.4 centimeters per month, which is the most & fastest growth than once compared to other ethnicities.

Caucasian hair can range (wavy, curly, or straight) and is often blonde or dark brown. This hair grows around 1.2 centimeters per month.

Lastly, African hair has super tight & defined curls. It is very kinky & is mostly dark black. However, this hair grows the slowest – only 0.9 centimeters per month.

How To Cut Asian Hair?

Cutting Asian hair is way easier than it is doing beauty or makeup on an Asian. Plenty of professional hairdressers will tell you that Korean and Asian hairs are the easiest to cut & style. When trying to get the right cut, try to:

  • Add some layers with razors. This is a lot better than doing it with scissors.
  • Only cut the ends if you have straight hair, or if you are working with super straight hair.
  • Embrace a point-cut technique. Asian hair is straight, so it can look uneven. Try the point cutting technique and watch out for their bangs.
  • Speaking of bangs, Asian hair looks fantastic with side-swept bangs.

How To Get Asian Hair? Top 8 Different Asian Hairstyles

1. High Taper Fade Asian Style Hair

race differences in hair types curated mint
Asian guy @muhammadnaimm

If you are more into shorter hair, you will enjoy this style. Straight hair with a bit of volume at the top is perfect for everyday wear, as well as men of any age. You can wear it at any time & to any event, and it will look sleek. The taper detail is a cool detail, amazing for guys who enjoy attention & who are all about a lot of minimalistic details.

2. Asian Medium Hairstyles

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Some simple waves and dark-colored hair is a go-to for Asian men who love sophisticated & bolder cuts. Usually, black hair & medium-long hair types suit guys who are in their mid-thirties the best. Knowing this, try to style your bangs a bit differently and always use a clay. It will help out with dry strands and will give you a specific look each time after styling.

3. Taper Asian Hair

1660671584 19 race differences in hair types curated mint
Defined taper cut @andyparrk

This dark black hair is something that is often asked for at a salon. Always try to bring a photo with you since this way, your hairdresser will understand what hairstyle you’re going for. Taper cut or a fade detail is something that both of you should agree on.

4. High Fade Black Asian Hair

1660671585 32 race differences in hair types curated mint
High fade @nobi_gary

There are many different hair types that you can go for, but a high fade is a sign of playfulness & younger adult. If you love your head shape & you are on a search for a new hairdo, you will enjoy this one. The good news is that women love high fade cuts + you can easily style this one with your hair pomade.

5. Asian Long Hair

1660671585 501 race differences in hair types curated mint

Super long hair types aren’t that common with Asian hair. However, guys who can grow out their hair this long & who made no damage to their strands should embrace this look. It is one of those trending hair types that you usually see guys rocking on a fashion show, as well as in the movies. If you love attention – you will enjoy this look.

6. Middle Part Sleek & Shiny Hair

1660671586 499 race differences in hair types curated mint
Middle part @char1es

Your hair will look phenomenal like so if you have an oval-shaped head. Get this middle part hairdo and enjoy knowing that is is super symmetrical, as well as perfect for daily activities! Take a photo to show off your style, and don’t forget to comb through your hair every day with a wide-tooth comb.

7. Simple & Short Faux Hawk Hairdo

1660671586 722 race differences in hair types curated mint
Faux hawk @derricklee

Shorter hair that has a lot of style & volume on the top should suit men who work at the office, and who need something sleek, yet flashy. These types of haircuts are usually worn by younger guys who love trendy looks & who don’t mind a simple faux hawk.

8. Side Part Stylish Cut

1660671587 234 race differences in hair types curated mint
Stylish haircut @russong

If you have some curls or waves, make sure you let them go loose! This hairstyle with a side part is natural & perfect for guys who love quick & easy looks. If you don’t like any trending pieces, but you prefer simple hair – get this stylish haircut.

How To Soften Asian Coarse Hair?

Often women with curly hair or wavy hair can experience coarse hair, as well as dry & brittle strands. This is why you should look into many different styles & types before you settle on a proper haircut. However, if you already have coarse hair, here’s what you should do:

  • Drink a lot of water. Water will hydrate your hair from inside out and will give it softness.
  • Spray your hair with water. Add back moisture by sealing it with oil and letting it stick to strands itself.
  • Wash and deep condition your hair every other week.

On That Note

Asian hair is beautiful, wouldn’t you agree? Although it is straight hair, Asians can rock many different silky, sleek & smooth haircuts. It is all about finding the right products & enjoying your hairstyle on a daily. Make sure you find an Asian style that suits you, your hair texture, as well as your type. Beauty is different for everyone. Remember that something which is trending does not have to look good on you. It is all about embracing your beauty style & sticking with something that speaks to you the loudest.

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