Renault Hippie Caviar Motel For Travel and Adventure Enthusiasts

Are you an adventure junkie who loves to travel but doesn’t care much about a luxury hotel stay? Generally, when you are out there for hiking, mountain biking, or any other form of adventure, you want to experience nature more closely. That is something you cannot experience while enjoying your stay in a 5-star hotel. Renault probably felt that and now released a teaser of its new Hippie Caviar Motel concept.

It’s Different From Hippie Caviar Hotel

Built around the Kangoo E-Tech electric van, the Hippie Caviar Motel is different from the last year’s Hippie Caviar Hotel glamper van. While the Hippie Caviar Hotel is for offbeat escape along with the luxury of a 5-star hotel, the new Hipper Caviar Motel is more like a funky hostel/yurt/cabin for an adventurous getaway. Hence, this new model would appeal to travelers who are on the adventurous side.

So far, there is no detail available about the campervan, as the automaker has only shared photos of the exterior. It will be officially presented at IAA Transportation in Hanover on 19 September, 2022. So, we have to wait until next month to find out more juicy details of its interior and other specifications.

The Hippie Caviar Motel is built on the all-new Kangoo L2 E-Tech Electric so we can guess its power comes from a 120-horsepower electric motor. The electric vehicle also comes with a 45-kilowatt-hour battery.

According to the company, this electric camper has 177 miles of range; however, there is no official statement on its WLTP cycle numbers. The automaker mentions, 30 minutes of charging could offer 105 miles of range to the camper.

This Motel campervan does not seem as luxurious as the Hotel version which boasts an extendable bed, folding bed/bench combination, and other facilities. The Hotel also features a rooftop terrace with space for a coffee table and seating. After all, Hotel takes its cue from 5-star hotel rooms. So, it even includes a charging station, shower, and bathroom.

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Zero-Emission Electric Campervan

While we are not sure yet what all the features the Hippie Caviar Motel would have, we assume that it would come with smart storage spaces to keep sports equipment.

According to the company, it will be a sustainable, zero-emission campervan because the automaker has used recycled materials, like cork and tires for flooring, shelves, and other items in the interior space.

However, Renault remains tight-lipped about the production plans of the Hippie Caviar Motel or Hotel. But the travel enthusiasts will be super happy when these models hit the road.

Renault Hippie Caviar Motel
Image: Renault
Renault Hippie Caviar Motel
Image: Renault

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