Samsung’s new Eco Remote Uses Wi-Fi Signals to Charge Itself

Despite multiple rumors about the cancellation of CES 2022, the grandest tech show went on floors at curtailed capacity. The event gave opportunities to every second hoi polloi to grab the limelight and showcase what they’ve got in their baggage. Some of these manufacturers like Sengled and Invoxia stood up to the occasion.

But when it comes to showcasing your trump card and bundling up the game in a split second there is no better than Samsung to seize the opportunity. The South Korean electronics giant was not just limited to television sets or Flex Note panel at CES 2022 but also introduced an Eco Remote that uses radio signals charge.

Raising the home technology bar to a whole new level, Samsung Eco Remote would not require the user to change the batteries. In fact, the new remote harvests the otherwise wasted energy emitted by Wi-Fi routers. This isn’t Samsung’s first attempt at creating remotes eliminating the need for batteries. Samsung originally launched the Eco Remote as a solar-powered device last year.

In a bid to lay focus on developing technologies that need not rely on batteries, Samsung’s new version of the device includes tiny antennae which capture Wi-Fi signals from a distance of up to 40 meters. This doesn’t imply the end of solar-powered remote, as the solar panel on the rear of the remote supports solar charging too. However, Samsung added RF harvesting capabilities that let the remote preserve its charge and convert it into energy.

Let’s be honest, how mind-boggling is the idea of gadgets devouring the excess radio waves that are constantly passing through the environment. Harnessing the power of the radio signals and not relying on traditional batteries is indeed a bright way to wade toward a smart future.

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The users can also attach a USB-C cable to charge the remote if required. The Eco Remote control will be provided with the new televisions and other home appliances from Samsung.

Like the regular ones, Eco Remote features dedicated launcher buttons for on-demand services like Samsung TV Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. Samsung didn’t specify exact technical specifications and a launch date of the device but the remote is expected to hit the market this year and will be available in black and white colors. 

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