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Sous vide may have once been a well-kept secret of top chefs but the secret is definitely out, and sous vide cooking is incredibly easy to do yourself. The only catch is that you need a sous vide cooker; you really can’t do it any other way. A sous vide cooker lets you hold a pot of water at a precise temperature. Toss a steak in a plastic bag and seal it, drop it in the pot, and let the sous vide cooker control the temperature for an hour. Then sear both sides of the steak in a pan or on the grill, and you have a $50 steak experience at home for $8. Hungry for some perfectly tender sous vide steak?

The popular Anova Sous Vide Nanon Precision Cooker is selling on Amazon for $90, which is $39 off the normal price and a great kitchen buy for you, or a holiday gift pick for the curious home cook on your list.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that sous vide is good for a lot more than just steak — you can use it for fish, chicken, pork and vegetables as well. But I’ll be honest and admit that I rarely do anything with my sous vide cooker aside from delicious, medium-rare steak. 

The Anova Precision Cooker Nano is the brand’s small-but-mighty model. This version of the cooker clamps to the side of your pot and works with water depths up to 4 inches. It’s a full 2 inches smaller than Anova’s other models, but still has 750 watts of power to cook your favorites perfectly each time. It’s also equipped with Wi-Fi, you can set it and check on your meal from the mobile app, or control it directly from the device. 

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