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A navy suit or a blue suit is that classic piece which stood the test of time. Men in a blue suit look pretty formal and fashion-forward. Navy suits complement many different skin & body types, and they usually emphasize your texture. Some guys love to wear a blue suit with a slim fit since it isn’t your typical and regular go-to black shirt tie combo. If you are wondering what are the best shirts & ties to wear with your navy blue suit, you’ve come to the right place! Here are our tips & tricks on how to make the navy blue outfit work with the right shirt and tie combo.

What Colour Shirt Goes With Navy Blue Suit?

What Tie Goes With Navy Shirt?

Black is often seen as the color that can go so well with everything. However, this is far from the truth in the case of blue suit combinations. The blue navy suit looks amazing with only some tones & shades, which is why you should be on a lookout for the right shirt and tie formal wear. Here are the top 5 shirts which you should incorporate to your wardrobe and with your navy suit:

1. Navy Suit And A White Shirt

navy suit and a white shirt
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If you want to keep it classy yet simple go for a white shirt. It is one of those combinations which can look effortless, and which can suit athletic body types. A white shirt with some silk or cotton fabric details can look modern and ideal for men who love that casual shirt look. If you are into a suit which is a bit more regular than it is formal, you will love this one!

2. Blue Suit With A Blue Shirt

blue suit with a blue shirt
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Blue suits look beautiful on men who love that smart wear. Your dark blue suit can be worn to both formal & casual activities. Stay away from black and opt for a denim or pastel blue color. You can go a bit darker and match the shirt to your suit combo. Make sure you wear a pair of brown shoes on your blue outfit and make sure you also incorporate a stylish tie. Blue shirt with a blue suit can work, as long as you wear the perfect red or beige tie.

3. Blue Suit With A Pink Shirt

blue suit with a pink shirt
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Guys who love cool & unusual options will love to wear their pink shirt combination with blue suits. A dark blue suit will look wonderful once contrasted next to a pink shirt, and some colorful elements! You could also wear a red tie with a blue suit and a pink shirt & enjoy these colorful combinations when out to a wedding or big birthday parties.

4. Navy Suit And A Beige Shirt

navy suit and a beige shirt
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Blue suit and a beige or khaki shirt is a dream-team combination! If you love to mix and match dark blue colour with some regular crisp clean cuts, you will love this fit! A beige shirt is appropriate for any occasion and is also an often go-to for the Summer season. Wear a simple dress shirt with your favorite brown shoes and you’ll love the outcome!

5. Blue Suit And A Red Shirt

  blue suit and a red shirt
@NATASHA LOIS via pexels

Your favorite blue suit can look amazing with a red shirt, and a red tie, as well as with a blue bow tie! Men who love navy suit or blue suit outfits can wear them from Monday-Friday, but also on the weekends! Simply remember to go for a funky tie and embrace the suit when at the club. You can also wear your favorite white shirt as a back up in case it gets too hot at your event. ”Tie” the whole look together with some brown or nude elements such as a watch, belt, and your favorite shoes.

What Colour Tie Goes With A Navy Suit

1. Brown Or Beige Tie

brown or beige tie
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Your shirt and tie should be matched correctly and should allow the blue suit to pop once matched with your chosen tie. Never let the tie outshine the suit. This is why beige, brown or khaki are ideal light color options for men who love simple yet effective clothing. You could also go for a grey color tie in this case and wear a striped tie or you can have stripes on your suit.

2. Red Tie

red tie
@ANTONI SHKRABA via pexels

Navy suit red tie is a look for business-men and guys who love to dress-up in bold combinations. A red tie usually suits lawyers and men who work at the office. They usually wear a red tie with their white shirt and a blue suit on top. This is the perfect solution for mature men, and guys who love to stand out at any given situation.

3. Green Tie

green tie
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Green tie with a blue suit can look good, as long as you are wearing a light green tie and a dark navy suit. Stay away from black elements and don’t wear ”regular” shirts. You should wear a collar white shirt and a pair of comfy office shoes. The look itself screams business and is ideal for guys who love just a pop of color to their combinations.

4. Light Blue Or Navy Tie

light blue or navy tie
@Antony Trivet via pexels

Your pink shirt can look amazing once matched with a navy or blue tie. The look itself is smart & formal, ideal for night-outs or wedding combinations. Wear your blue suit with a pink shirt and stylishly go to any date-nights or formal dinners with your friends. A blue suit with a pink shirt is a safe-bet and is definitely way prettier than your typical black & pink combo.

5. Blue Suit Blue Shirt Yellow Tie

blue suit blue shirt yellow tie
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Your favorite blue suit can look amazing with a yellow tie. Men who love to wear a lighter shirt such as white or baby blue along with their blue suit will love the look of a yellow tie. This look is very cohesive, and ideal for the wedding and if you are a groom! Add your favorite watch to the look, and you’ll be all set to ”tie” the knot! Also, don’t forget about grooming your beard. Embrace the shirt and your tie by going for a proper beard which will suit your face & style.

Can You Wear A Black Tie With A Blue Suit?

Many men love to wear black on a daily since it suits them & because it is so simple & easy to style. However, your closet is probably packed with black shirts and black jeans which you are sick and tired of wearing? If so, try to wear a bit more blue or navy. Unfortunately, your black-tie will not work nor look good once matched and put on a blue suit. However, a white shirt and a blue tie can be a killer combo! Lay low on black, and give your blue a chance since it can be a stunning choice!

How To Find The Perfect Navy Blue Suits? Our Guide

Once you’ve understood what colour tie with blue suit looks the best it is time to understand the right way to ”tie” the whole look together. Once shopping for your suit & shirt, make sure you are on a lookout for:

The Right Fit

When choosing out the suit make sure you read the back of its labels. Always check what is it made out of, and make sure it is in the same fabric and color scheme with your go-to shirts. When shopping for your blue suit or any formal combinations make sure to bring someone with you. Often women have an eye for detail, and they will let you know if your chosen suit & tie, as well as shirt combination, can go hand in hand, or if it is a big fail. You two should make sure that your suit is:

  • The seam connecting your suit torso all the way up to your sleeves runs across your shoulders and it doesn’t feel too tight.
  • The sleeve of your suit as well as your shirt falls down to your wrist once you lift your arms up or on the sides.
  • When you button up your suit it should feel a bit more loose. Make sure you don’t end up with a slimly, tight and uneven X mark across the body due to severe tightness.
  • Your suit trousers should stay up and on their own without the need for a belt.
  • The end of your suit trousers should brush right against the top portion of your shoes.

These rules apply no matter if you are picking out your wedding suit, regular black suit, or a blue suit. Make sure you consider these tips since only then you’ll be left with the perfect suit!

Ideal Colour

Trying to pick out your preferred color and the right shade of blue can get difficult, but this also applies when you are picking out any night-out combinations, or even black suit combos for that matter! Make sure your chosen shirts suit your style, and that your purchased white shirt is the exact shade of white! Always try on clothes and see how they look like & fit under direct sunlight. In this case you can see some specks of glitter on your blue suit, or you can see that your tie isn’t pink, but that it is actually coral pink!

Your Preferred Pattern

Incorporating patterns into your wardrobe and trying to create something new & unique can be super fun. Some men prefer their shirts to have a pattern, while others are all about plain white shirt combinations. Either way, you can mix & match more than just your typical black & blue outfits. If you are someone who loves to wear their tie or shirt in a striped pattern with a pop of neon, do it! You can also go for a blue suit with some checked patterns or criss-cross details. Try out different blue suit combos, as well as shirts underneath till you find your perfect outfit and let it all ”tie” together.

On That Note

So, now you know all there is to it know on how to find a navy suit blue shirt, or how to make a blue suit work with any other shirts that you own. This look can look very clean, sophisticated & sharp, and it isn’t that hard to style. A simple white shirt and some key elements such as the blue or red tie will give dimension to any outfit! Stay away from boring black options and stick with a navy blue suit, as well as a sassy tie! Wear your favorite suit & tie to any event, and make sure you take some mesmerizing pictures!

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