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There are many different combinations & styles of suits which guys should consider wearing for their formal and casual events. If you are someone who loves that formal wear yet you need some tips & tricks on how to wear your suit with your tie properly, you’ve come to the right place! Stay away from regular pieces, and try to look as perfect as possible! How? By reading our tips on what shirt and tie combinations are killer options!

What Colour Tie Goes With A Blue Suit? Top 6 Options

If you are off to a wedding or you are someone who loves to dress up business casual you will love all 6 of these options:

1. Grey Suit With A Navy Blue Tie

Colors which are this light & cohesive look beautiful together. if you want to wear a navy blue tie make sure you wear a light blue shirt or a white shirt along with your tie. A navy tie is ideal for any event since it truly finishes out the outfit & will suit men who love a lighter suit combination. A light grey combo usually suits younger men & guys who have athletic body types. If this sounds like you make sure you wear your favorite piece with confidence & style!

2. Grey Suit With A Purple Tie

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One of those shirt & tie combinations which only some men will be able to pull off is a grey suit with a purple tie. The look does not look regular and will look beautiful once matched with brown shoes & a brown bag. If you are someone who loves unusual color options and you also love purple, make sure you go for this outfit combo. It suits older and more mature men since the colors are a bit bolder & they can age you. If you wish to achieve this look why not go for this tie?

3. Grey Suit With A Burgundy/Red Tie

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Don’t be afraid of red or burgundy tie outfits. This look can be the perfect workwear and is often worn to formal occasions such as weddings. Grey with red is an interesting combination which usually looks the prettiest once paired up with white or pink shirts, as well as dress shirts underneath. You can also pair your favorite watch to the outfit and end up with a stylish outcome.

4. Grey Suit With A Black Tie

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Black tie @jeandesey

Grey suit with a black tie is one of the prettiest & most-common shirt and tie combinations. A black shirt is also something that guys love to reach for on a daily since it is so easy to style. However, those who are off to work love to match their gray blazer with a black tie, as well as black shoes. If you love this clean & sharp look, and you are someone who loves minimalistic outfits yet with a huge impact, you will love this duo.

5. Grey Suit With A Checkered Print Tie

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Checkerd tie @mensuccesslife

Unusual prints are a must-have for grey suit white shirt combos. This formal wear looks beautiful once paired up with a patterned or check-print tie, as well as a dark vest underneath. Stay away from solid colours and go for stripes and just dare to create your perfect blazer outfit on your own! If you prefer a pocket square just know that this detail will come in handy for your work-wear, and that it is perfect for men who love unusual & unique pieces.

6. Grey Suit And A Yellow Tie

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Yellow tie @swiishyishy

Yellow shoes and a yellow tie – why not? If you are someone who has had it with dark blue or black shirt combos, as well as typical & standard black & brown shoes it may be time to experiment with some color. Guys who love bright tones and who are all about fashion will love this outfit. The yellow tie is perfect for your night-out and is a must-have piece if you love relaxed clothing items. Usually younger men & teens will love this suit & tie fit, and it can look great on teens for their prom.

What Goes With A Grey Suit? Top 3 Must-Have Grey Suits

Since now you know our guide on how to wear & pick a tie, it may be time to choose out your perfect shade of grey. Make sure you find the right size for your body type & get something that is as close as possible to your ”ideal” suit. What we recommend are these three key pieces down below:

1. Charcoal Grey

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A dark charcoal grey suit is something that older men love to wear. Cotton & high-quality dress shirts would look amazing against this darker blazer. Stay away from black & wear white, blue or light grey. You can also go for a pocket square detail and wear your suit during the summer since it is a popular color choice, especially for guys who love formal wear.

2. Light Grey Suits

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Light gray

A lighter grey suit and a grey blazer will look amazing if you love & look amazing in earth tone & lighter wear. Make sure you go for a shirt with a collar, as well as with a black-tie if you are up for some formal wear. You can wear both dark brown or black shoes with this suit, just make sure your chosen colour suits your accessories, such as your watch, bag, socks etc. Don’t mix & match different shades of blue, but you can mix some brown, grey or black.

3. Striped Slim Fit Grey Suit White Shirt

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Striped suit @groomsofmelbourne

After you read through the article you will notice that these ties aren’t as popular, but they are still beautiful! A striped or a checkered suit, as well as a pair of unusual shoes with some funky socks, will complete this look. Guys who don’t love the ”typical” grey suit combo will love to add something like this to their cart when shopping online or in stores! Go for blue shirts underneath your grey suit and complete the vibe effortlessly, yet stylishly.

On That Note

So, which of these suit outfit combos is your favorite? Nowadays men have a lot of blazers to choose from, and choosing only one can be difficult. However, the right sign that you’ve found ”the one” suit is if it matches your personal style, and you receive several comments on the way it suits you. If you are looking for something that you can wear no matter the event, get a classic light grey suit! It is a must-have for the summer season, as well as for any upcoming formal or semi-formal events. You can also shop with your girlfriend, mom or your best friend if you feel like hearing someone’s second opinion.

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