Smart Baby Feeding System Would Let Mother’s Nurse Babies Correctly


smart baby feeding system

CES 2022 may be overshadowed by color-changing cars, smart speakers and the QD-OLED 4K TVs but there is more to the grandest tech show than cars, speakers, and televisions. nfant labs, a digital health company focused on improving infant feeding through objective, evidence-based clinical tools has unveiled a Smart Baby feeding system in Las Vegas.

A lot of mothers around the world have been experiencing feeding issues. Especially when it comes to taking guesswork on how much a baby should be fed. Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed, it is important to optimize the right positioning and right nipple speed. Taking baby feeding from guesswork to science, the nfant Thrive feeding system applies cutting-edge smart technology to determine baby growth and feeding over time.

Touted as the first home-based smart infant feeding solution, the nfant Thrive feeding system will support both bottle and breastfeeding. Designed to match every baby’s feeding need, the bottle uses specially designed high-quality nipples with a sensor that measures baby-feeding activity. The sensor output is conveyed via Bluetooth to a smartphone app showing mothers and guardians exactly how the baby is feeding and responds to changes in nipple flow or feeding position.

When it comes to breastfeeding, silicon pads are placed on the breast. These pads then connect to the nfant Smart Sensor and Tracker App to convey real-time data on feeding activity and volume consumed by the infant.

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The technology would further help parents and provide them timely analytics to measure the development of their babies in the critical first year of life. The bottle version of the nfant Thrive feeding system, and the integrated nfant Thrive Tracker App will be available to purchase by early spring 2022. The breast sensor version will be added to the product suite during the second half of the year. The bottle components are easy to assemble and 100% dishwasher safe.

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Image: nfant

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