Stranger Things-Inspired Outdoor Halloween Decoration Goes Viral

Halloween is barely a month away and you must start focusing on preparing your house with festive vibes. Decorating your house with wreaths, pumpkins and garlands is slightly old school. Therefore, you need to do something out of the box to conjure horror in your outdoor Halloween decoration. It will garner both public and media attention to your outdoor holiday display while scaring passersby. An Illinois couple took this as a challenge and decorated their yard with a Stranger Things-inspired outdoor Halloween decoration.

This viral decor features Max Mayfield from the show floating in the air. A video of the display shows Max’s dummy hovering with her hands steady as if she is under some dark magic possession. There is also a text inserted in the video, which reads “What’s her favorite song, hurry!!’’

While Stranger Things fans will definitely associate with a hovering Max and a war cry for a song, others may find it difficult to decipher. For those who don’t know, the floating installation is an imitation of the famous scene from the fourth season of Stranger Things. In this scene, the character is under the spell of Vecna – who is a fearsome sentient creature from the Upside Down – and levitates up in the air. To rescue her from the magic spell, her friends quickly play her favorite song (Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush) and save her.

The family and passerby shot the video which got instantly viral and is now quite popular on TikTok. You might wonder, what’s the fuss all about? Well, there are two things. First, netizens are curious about how did the couple levitate the dummy in mid-air without any proper support. Second, what is the dummy installation made of? While it is assumed that Max dummy is made of pool noodles (buoyant polyethylene foam), the couple does not disclose the trick behind its suspension.

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Ever since the video became viral, both Twitter and TikTok users have their own theories ready, with many guessing it to be hung by a fishing line, while others are just calling it dark forces. Just kidding! Well, you can try your own version of Stranger Things-inspired outdoor Halloween decoration for a truly terrifying display.

stranger things inspired outdoor halloween decoration
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