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A navy suit is a classic piece of menswear and something that is ideal for your office wear. Navy suits are often a go-to for many formal occasions, night-outs, as well as weddings. Choose your ideal blazer, blue tie, your casual late-night out attire & your perfect wedding solution by reading through our guide! Say hello to your new formal shirt & your favorite navy suit, and find out how to make some key pieces work. Here’s how to look stylish in your new & favorite navy blue suit.

What Colour Goes With Navy Suit? Also, Which Colors To Avoid?

There are many different color combinations as well as blue suits combo ideas which may or may not ”suit” you. If you are trying to find your ”the one” ultimate suit which will come in handy for the summer or winter know that you’ll have to read through some guides & rules which we will reveal on our blog. Since navy blue is the optimal & formal suit color, there are some colors which may not look good against the navy blue, and those are:

  • Stay away from black – black & navy blue usually look awful together. The texture & different tones won’t look good, no matter the occasion or your body type. Black is a good choice if you are planning on wearing a black shirt along with a black suit. In other cases, it is a big no-no.
  • Stay away from orange – you can’t make orange work along with your navy blue suit. However, you could stick with this as your color choice for your tie, especially if you are into vibrant options.
  • Stay away from purple – your wardrobe is probably filled with purple & black pieces, isn’t it? Well, this can be a bold statement move, so rather stick with something simple & light in terms of color. Stay away from matching blue suits and purple tops or a purple bow tie. That’s just a bit overwhelming, so consider taking our advice.

So, since now you know that the regular classic black can’t work with your blue suits, how about you reconsider your outfit combo? What we recommend? See in the text below.

The Four Best Shirts To Wear With A Navy Suit: What Colors Go With Navy Blue?

1. Navy Blue Suit & Crisp White Shirt

navy blue suit & crisp white shirt
@Mohamad Khosravi via Unsplash

If you are not too sure how to wear your dark navy suit just know that white will suit many different occasions! You can throw on any pants, socks or trousers and you will still get the ultimate professional look! The white shirt will give you dimension, and will also give you that slim fit around the torso. If you love to look fashion-forward & if you are not afraid of white you will enjoy this combo. Make sure you have a pocket square detail along with a stylish belt to enjoy your business vibe!

2. Navy Blue Shirt With Blue Suit

navy blue shirt with blue suit
@Mohamad Khosravi via Unsplash

A pale blue shirt is another classic in men’s clothing and in their wardrobe. If you are into wearing blue on blue know that this can work. However, you should have a thicker (let’s say cotton shirt) and try to show off the collar. Navy blue once properly paired up with a blue shirt can look perfect! It is a close call, but as long as you take it to your tailor you will end up with an elegant tailored suit. Stay away from a red tie and stick with a gray or blue tie with blue suit. Just make sure that the color combo is toned down, muted & icy. No reason to pop for neon oranges or a crazy red.

3. Pink Shirt Blue Suit

pink shirt blue suit
@Benjamin Rascoe via Unsplash

Some men are not that brave and they don’t dare to wear their navy suit with a pink shirt. They usually stick to their black outfit, black shoes and call it a day! However, if you are not afraid of color & experimenting with your blue suit you should look into a pink shirt as your go-to wear. It can look beautiful since it provides a soft & clean contrast. You can also go for a red tie with this blue suit combo, or a dark pink color. Make some contrast & go for bold patterns to complete the look.

4. Men In Blue Suit And Burgundy Shirt

men in blue suit and burgundy shirt
@Andriyko Podilnyk via Unsplash

Say bye-bye to your tuxedo and opt for a blue suit with a burgundy shirt! Guys who love formal wear & who love some color will love this smart wear. Just make sure you don’t go for a black or red tie since these two colors can be overwhelming. Blue & red can look lovely once paired together, just as long as you also stick with the right blue suit material. Some guys love wool for the winter days since it is classy & elegant as well as warm, while others are all about cotton. Make sure you pair the outfit with your perfect brown shoes till you get your ideal suit look.

Can I Wear Black Shoes With Navy Suit?

We’ve answered what colour shirt with blue suit looks the best, but we haven’t touched on the topic of shoes. Now, in terms of the perfect formal wear just know that brown shoes usually look the best. Men who love their navy blue suit tie look should stay away from black since it won’t ”suit” them. As previously mentioned, black isn’t the best choice as your shirt combination; and therefore it isn’t the best nor fun colour for your formal look or formal footwear. Brown shoes look very beautiful once paired up with a dark or navy blue, as well as with a white shirt.

Quick Rules On How To Wear A Suit: Navy Blue Suit Shirt And Tie Combinations

Wondering what color tie with navy suit would look the best? Well, as previously mentioned brown shoes with blue suit are a killer combo. However, in terms of tie’s, here are your ideal ties for navy suit:

  • Blue suit red tie – this can look great no matter the shirt that you have underneath, and it isn’t your typical or regular smart wear
  • Navy suit blue shirt & white/beige tie – these two are very soft & light colors, ideal for dramatic contrasts & combinations such as blue & navy blue
  • Blue suit light blue tie – this is also a good look as long as your blue suit is a tad bit darker than the tie itself
  • Blue suit orange or green tie – you can go for these ties as long as you have a white shirt underneath & you love a bit of color to your outfit

The Must-Have Navy Suits

Now that you know everything about navy suits & our tips & tricks on how to style them it is time for you to pick-out your ”the one” suit. Your next purchased blue suit should be one of the following three options:

The Dark Linen Navy Suit

the dark linen navy suit
@Mohamad Khosravi via Unsplash

A dark navy suit is an amazing beginners choice and is essential for guys who love dark staple pieces. It is also an option which you can style all throughout the year. Your navy blue suit should be worn with a turtle neck in the winter, or with a lightweight (possibly white) shirt in the summer. Throw on the perfect pair of shoes and you’re good to go!

The Light Blue Regular Suit

the light blue regular suit
@Bave Pictures via Unsplash

Light blue is for men who feel like they look better in lighter washed out grey or baby blue outfits. Men who love this suit usually throw on a lot of other bold accessories, and they love to play around with their style. Also, make sure you have the perfect haircut when rocking this bright suit. Have the right set of products on deck with you at all times since grooming + confidence will make this suit work just like that!

The Navy Pinstriped Suit

the navy pinstriped suit
@Benjamin Rascoe via Unsplash

A pinstriped suit is usually something that guys run away from. They are afraid of its color, the textured look, as well as the stripes which can elongate the body. Some men look better in the pinstriped suit since it emphasizes their torso and their body shape + it can also give out an illusion of longer & more lean body. However, if you style it properly the suit can be a true show-stopper! If you don’t mind the striped patterned look & you love to create dramatic looks while using minimal colour, this is for you! Just wear a simple shirt underneath.

On That Note

So, which one out of these is your ideal blue suit? Are you someone who loves a pop of color, or do you prefer a dramatic shirt with a light blue blazer? Either way, a blue suit can be an amazing statement piece on any body shape. You can rock linen suits or cotton and polyester suits as long as you have the right colored shirt underneath! Remember that not all the colors go so well with the dark navy color, and make sure you shop for your ideal formal wear with someone. It is never good to shop on your own, so make sure you bring your girlfriend, wife, friend or your mom for that second opinion since they will help you find that perfect outfit, based on your preference, body shape and personal style!

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