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The untucked shirt is the perfect example of a smart/casual style, but it is important to get it right, all you need to do is consider the following points and you will become the chicest ‘shirter’ out there.

Every man has rocked a shirt in his time, yet not all of those men have got ‘shirting’ right. The shirt is a piece of clothing that has stood the test of time and as each decade passes, it remains in Mr Joe Blogg’s wardrobe. In other words, this interchangeable and versatile item keeps on surviving the turbulent world of fashion. It is a piece of clothing that just keeps on giving. Yet the shirt is one fashion staple that can go from looking top notch to becoming an inexcusable fashion faux pas.

Easily distinguished by its lurid colours and holiday connotations, the Hawaiian is the poster child of bad surviving fashion. The Hawaiian wearers often have to endure the exhausting stereotypes that come. Basically, no matter how you wear the Hawaiian, it’s better to cut your losses and move onto bigger and better things. So throw away that dodgy shirt, you deserve so much better. When you own the right shirt you can rock the smart or casual look easily.

There is a common misconception that the untucked shirt is a sloppy look. This theory may have its merits regarding school uniform wearers or Cuban guayaberas, but you my friend are neither one of those. The untucked shirt is a clothing style that can be achieved with limited effort on your part.


Length is important when buying an untucked shirt, and you need to make sure that you go for the optimal length, as getting it wrong can be what kills your outfit. Your shirt may be a perfect example of modern day tailoring for the shorter or taller gentleman, however, if it’s verging on t-shirt length or falls below your hips, then the length is wrong.

Google Images plays host to an array of gentlemen with questionable shirt lengths. Facebook has also been a site that has showcased your debatable shirt choices. This, in turn, has led to a lot of unwanted tagging; you really don’t want to be another statistic. I am a firm believer that showing off your midriff is not a great look, even if it may be an accidental error. So flaunt those divine proportions by getting into the zone of acceptable length.

The Belt Debate

Showing off a bit of plaid is a good way to demonstrate your fashion vibe, particularly if you wear belts and are proud of your collection. However, when accompanying an untucked shirt, it’s often not a good idea for your belt to be in full view, as this will indicate that you are not in the zone of acceptable length. (As previously discussed) However, if you wish to flaunt your belt, you can opt for a curve bottom shirt. Sorted.


Men have always seemed to gravitate to the untucked look when wearing a buttoned shirt. It’s just the way the world works. The untucked shirt oozes a casual vibe, and naturally, you want to enhance your casual status by unbuttoning your shirt, because that’s just the way you roll.

Yet sometimes unbuttoning can become problematic. I am referring to the regular occurrence of a shirt being too unbuttoned. We all love that maverick that lives dangerously and loves nothing more than showing off his chest hair, (hell that is the beauty of buttons); however overenthusiastic unbuttoning does result in that throwback look. It may have been okay in the 80’s, but too much meavage (man-cleavage) doesn’t really help in achieving that suave look.

Going Formal

Many men believe that untucked shirts are not really simpatico with their formal attire. Well, that is simply not the case. In actual fact wearing your shirt untucked can be a great alternative to the usual, it just depends on what you wear your shirt with.

This is where layering comes in. For example, you can wear your shirt with a V-neck and a chic sports jacket. Sorted. However, make sure the length of the shirt is about an inch longer than the V-neck and an inch shorter that your jacket. Those are the rules.

Beware of the Square-Bottom Shirts

When it comes to square-bottom shirts, it’s best to leave them tucked, as the shirt is unflattering not to mention pretty dated. It may have been fashionable at some point in the 20th century, but times have changed and the modern man deserves an untucked shirt that will give him the edge that he wants and aptly deserves. So trade in your square-bottom shirts for the curve bottom alternative, then you will be the King of the untucked shirt.

On That Note

Styling an untucked shirt is a lot easier than first thought, and can be worn in a variety of occasions. However, keep it suited to smart-casual to use the look to its full potential. Just stick to these simple style rules, and you’ll master the art of wearing an untucked shirt.

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