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Ben Dahlhaus… Who is he?

Well if we knew, we would tell you. Dahlhaus is a mysterious beauty that has appeared on social media and ad campaigns,  however his history and background is somewhat vague to us. Renowned for his golden mane and enviable beard, this Swedish stallion is taking the world by storm (not to mention having the majority of the world lusting after him). Although we may not know masses about his personal life, he is definitely on the radar as an influential style icon for 2018.

#1: The Mid-Length Mane

Ben Dahlhaus Hair 2018

A classic look and great length for men who have previously had long locks. Fancy a change but not ready to for a buzz cut? This length will take away the heaviness whilst keeping that loose and wild style of long hair. We recommend not using too much product for this look- let your hair loose and gravity will do the rest.

#2: The Messy Bun

Ben Dahlhaus 2018

If you’re in a rush, a loose bun for long hair can be a quick fix solution. To achieve the bohemian wave

use some styling paste and gently pull some of the front sections out of the bun for this effortless style. As seen above with Dahlhaus’s thick and perfectly groomed beard, use a beard comb and oil to keep your man fuzz under control.

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#3: Messy Waves

Ben Dahlhaus 2018- Messy Hair

Hollywood heartthrob vibes only. For short to medium length hair, this is a simple hairstyle that doesn’t take long to achieve. The longer your hair, the more product needed to style the hair in a wave-like motion. No need to be fussy with this look,  just use a comb and gel and let your hair do its thing.

#4: “Let is loose” locks

Ben Dahlhouse 2018

As suggested with its name, this hairstyle is simply a case of leaving your hair in its natural state. Not the best option for formal events, however this Tarzan-inspired look is great for summer and shows off your luscious locks.

#5: The Half Up Half Down

Ben Dahlhouse Hair 2018

Sometimes your hair can get in the way, so for those with long hair, tie half of it back for a relaxed and practical style. Put a small amount of styling wax through a comb so your hair holds in place as you brush it into a ponytail. As modelled by the man himself, this look works well with both casual and formal wear.

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#6: Long Length Curls

Ben Dahlhouse 2018 Hair

Similarly to loose locks, this look shows off Dahlhaus’s natural locks. If your hair isn’t quite as curly as his, not to worry- use some paste and scrunch the ends until you get the look you want. As they say, curls get the girls!

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#7:  Short and Spiky

Ben Dahlhouse 2018 Hair

#8: The Man Bun

Ben Dahlhouse 2018 Hair

As always, The Man Bun is like marmite- some people love it, others hate it. As modelled by Dahlhaus, wearing the bun slightly lower down your head keeps it more casual and less topknot-like. No special products or attention needed for this one, just a great look for guys on the go.

#9: Wet and Wild

Ben Dahlhouse 2018

Not your typical everyday look, however it has to be said that long haired men look sexy when just stepping out of water (just think of a classic James Bond moment and a slow motion hair flick). Also achievable with salt spray and gel if you want to get the beach look.

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#10: The DiCaprio

Ben Dahlhaus 2018

And last but not least, The DiCaprio. Very popular in the 90s and noughties, this hairstyle is coming back with a vengeance (think Leo circa Titanic era or Peter Andre in his Mysterious Girl video). A perfect look for summer nights, easily achievable with a comb, gel and water. Gently tease the front of your hair over to its natural parting side with a comb, making sure the hair is slightly wet. To fix the style, use soft hairspray or gel and voila.

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