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You probably depend on your watch more than you realise, so it’s a good idea to invest in your trustworthy companion and ensure you’re getting the best for your money. Gold watches are back and making a statement, and we’ve got a guide on some of the very best ones in store right now, as well as the best men’s watch brands.

Gold Watches for Men

Gold watches aren’t new, and their classic, rich look have made them one of the most popular men’s watches around. The soft tone of the gold makes them perfect for mixing with a range of looks and is ideal if you’re hoping to give a subtle boost to a plain outfit. You can go for a striking all gold style, a sleek contrast with a gold face and black leather strap, or a subtle mix with a gold face and a brown strap.

You can go for analogue or digital, create a relaxed, everyday look or go for something more tailored. A gold watch is more versatile than you might think, and even cheap gold watches for men have their own unique charm to them. On top of that there’s a seemingly endless range of styles you choose from. However, we’ve got a word limit, so let’s just focus on some of the most versatile pieces in store.

Black and Gold Watches

A gold watch is ideal if you want to bring some brightness to your outfit, but you don’t have to go for an all gold look to get the right impact. Toning the style down with a sleek black leather strap can help to create a clean balance, and there are various styles you can go for as well, from large, statement designs to more delicate models.

You can change up the brightness of your watch depending on what colour face you go for. Picking a black watch face will create a more uniformed look and match effortlessly with the strap, but will keep things streamlined and more intense.

A white watch face will give a more subtle, clean look and is great if you want to create a lighter finish. You can also go for a less conventional gold face to add a striking look to your outfit, with the black strap helping to tone things down slightly.

Brown and Gold Watches

Black and gold is a clean colour combination, but if you’re looking for something with a less striking contrast then a brown strap is a great alternative. The two warm tones placed together create a soft finish that’s great for adding a subtle finish to an outfit. A light watch face will help emphasise the delicate look of the watch while making the gold frame less intense.

If however like your gold intense then you can opt for a black watch face to help emphasise the frame. You will be working with a mix of brown, gold and black, so it’s best to stick to versatile colours when you’re choosing your clothing so as not to create a jarring clash.

All Gold Watch

One option when you’re picking a watch is to go all out with the look and choose an all gold design. Now, just because it’s all gold doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to be the most expensive watch out there, and you can get your hands on some quality designs for an affordable price. Gold plated stainless steel finishes create a strong base and an elegant sheen and saves you from spending £24,000 on a pure gold model. Yes, plenty of people spend that much on a watch. No, we don’t know why.

For the best affordable watches, it’s best to stick to simple designs without any of the over the top detailing. These ones still have a clean finish and will last you for years, and are great if you’re looking for a men’s dress watch that has a striking edge to it.

How to Choose a Watch

When it comes to buying a watch you’ve got to be totally sure that it’s right for you. Even if you’re not spending hundreds of pounds, you’re still going to be parting with a decent amount of money, so you want to be getting something you want to wear a lot. Before you grab hold of the one that looks the best, ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Will this watch go with the majority of the outfits I have?
  2. Is this watch comfortable enough to wear all day?
  3. Is it really within my budget?
  4. Does it have the features I want? (i.e alarm clock, high water resistance, etc)

The Best Gold Watches for Men

  • If you want a bold, more intense look go for a black watch face, and choose a white watch face for a more delicate finish.
  • A gold frame and brown strap create a warm tone finish.
  • A gold frame and black strap creates a clean, crisp contrast and an elegant finish.
  • An all gold watch is the most striking look you can go for and is great for making a statement.

On That Note

Gold watches have become practical, stylish and essential to our daily lives. The aged stereotype of gold watches being only suitable for elderly gents and formal occasions is no more. You can now wear yours whenever and wherever you like!

Buying nice watches for men don’t have to be a huge investment either. We’ve seen plenty of expensive gold watches while others cost much less, but the style always remains. The only thing you need to consider is your own personality and budget. So, if you choose one that channels your style and wallet size, then you really won’t go wrong!

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