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Want to become the next 007? You can achieve the James Bond style by using your own attire to re-create one of the most iconic British styles of all time. Curated Mint HQ have combined the best James Bond fashion and movies to produce a style guide showing you how to dress like the spy himself.

We’ve been obsessed with James Bond since 1962, back when Sean Connery graced our screens (in Dr. No) for the very first time. This transformation from book to film was incredibly special and for most people, it was something that they’d been anxiously waiting for. With his slicked back hair, neat bow tie and British style, it was no surprise that he turned a few heads (including ours).

Even if you haven’t seen a single Bond movie (you don’t know what you’re missing) it doesn’t really matter. You already know who he is and what he’s all about. James Bond is the best spy in town, he’s the guy who all the ladies adoration and knows exactly how to accessorise. He’s treasured by many generations and continues to be recognised all over the globe.

The James Bond style has developed over the years and it’s left us thinking about a few of our most favourite trends. How about the three piece navy suit worn by Timothy Dalton in The Living Daylights? Or what about the (very bright) yellow snow suit worn by Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me? And then there’s the Tom Ford suit which was created for our most recent Bond (and heartthrob) Daniel Craig in Skyfall. So many styles, so many decades!

We’ve compiled this style guide featuring the ultimate tips to discovering the best James Bond style. We’ve also been speaking to a few passionate Bond fans to discover the truth behind James Bond and his very enticing fashion sense.

Who Is James Bond?

For those of you who have never heard of James Bond (where have you been living for the past six decades?) we thought that it’d be nice to introduce you to the man himself.

Watch this video to learn more about James Bond. There’s more to him than meets the golden eye!

James Bond Style

Let’s start with one of James’s strong points, it’s time to take a look at how to dress like James Bond. Let’s begin with the most recognisable piece of James Bond attire – the suit!


Your suits and tuxedos are one of the quickest ways to transform into James Bond as his taste surrounds lots of formal wear. If you’ve been feeling hesitant about taking the plunge, this might be the best time to invest in a James Bond suit style.

Daniel Craig in Skyfall (2012)

Skyfall is packed with action, style and lots of formal wear. This film is recognised for its collaboration with Tom Ford (the American fashion designer) who created the classic rich blue suit for Bond. Believe it or not, this suit was actually designed to enhance Bond’s persona by making him appear more bouncer-like.

Even though we love everything created by Tom Ford, this isn’t our favourite of Daniel Craig’s suits. Instead, we’re loving James Bond’s charcoal pinstriped suit. You’ll have seen this suit both in the film and on the promotion posters. It’s a popular choice for many Bond fans as it’s one look that you won’t have to empty your bank account for!

James Bond Style daniel craig pinstripe suit grey


In terms of the Skyfall suit, I like it. The stereotypical ‘Bond wear’ is the tuxedo, but the slightly more casual (though still formal) business suit marries well with Craig’s character.

– Matt Marshall (James Bond Fan)

How to Create This Look:

  • You can literally copy the James Bond style by choosing a navy pin-striped suit. The pinstripes will create the true Bond effect but it will also add shape to your body by balancing out your frame.
  • You can also go one step further by adding this white button-down shirt from Nudie. Bond often chooses a pale blue shirt, but we thought that this white one will bring out your own personality.
  • Pair up this look with your best tie or dickie bow and you’re most formal shoes. Why not try these ones from Dr Marten?
mens pinstripe suit look outfit grid

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We’ve come to the conclusion that James Bond is a pretty ordinary guy (well… sort of). He enjoys taking vacations and lounging on the beach whenever he can, all while wearing his relaxed outfits. We still love his formal wear but we’re becoming more fond of the relaxed James Bond attire.

Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day (2002)

The James Bond style is really simple to achieve, especially as it’s all about the open collar shirt. In Die Another Day, Pierce Brosnan sports a large variety of casual shirts with most of them not being buttoned up. We love his step towards casual wear as it opens a new side to James Bond clothing and it’s also one of the cheapest looks for you to re-create.

You will also find that Pierce likes lots of patterns and textures. Some of his choices surround the Hawaiian theme, so think lots of flowers and palm trees. We think this is a great match for the laid-back James Bond lifestyle as it’s the opposite to the traditional British attire that we expect to see.

pierce brosnan casual shirts.


For the open collar shirt, I think it makes him seem more accessible and relaxed rather than the usual James Bond look.

– Shellie Daintry (James Bond Fan)

How to Create This Look:

  • To re-create this look, you can choose this summery shirt by Dickies. Of course, you can always join Pierce and go down the floral route but we thought this one would look perfect during your holiday!
  • Add in a pair of denim shorts by Only & Sons to give that modern twist to your James Bond style.
  • And don’t forget to finish off your look with a pair of boat shoes by Sperry. This will smarten up your James Bond style, so it will be perfect for a summer night out.
mens Hawaiian shirt denim shorts boat shoes look outfit grid

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We’re finally about to start our British summer and we think it’s vital to have your summer wardrobe at the ready. So, why not plan your attire around James Bond? Some James Bond casual styles will be perfect for your everyday wear and even your summer holidays!

Sean Connery in Dr. No (1962)

Flicking back to the early days to look at Sean Connery in Dr. No. In the film, he wears a ‘holiday suit’. Just so you know, it’s not an actual suit that James Bond only wears while he’s abroad (although he does often wear suits during his vacations) but it’s more about the styling of his pieces.

He keeps everything quite casual and upbeat. You’ll often see him wearing pieces that you may already have in your wardrobe, like chinos and relaxed shirts. Bond also chooses more brighter shades of… blue. Of course, it all boils back to those navy tones. We’re starting to wonder if blue is Bond’s favourite colour? We think so.

sean connery dr-no. james bond

PHOTO CREDIT: Theiapolis People

Bond is shown to have adaptability in any given situation. His ability to look comfortable and remain his style even in a casual environment. Bond can generate all of his charm and guile from simply looking good.

– Dale Platt (James Bond Fan)

How to Create This Look:

  • To achieve the James Bond Style, we think that this burgundy polo shirt will look great. With it’s bright colour and snug fit, you’ll be ready to switch it up from your relaxing day in the sun to your wild parties in the night.
  • Some of his outfits also surround ‘tonal dressing‘. This is a styling technique which allows you to choose pieces of the same colour or shade. These burgundy chinos from Dickies will help you and we adore this colour!
  • Finish off your look with a pair of loafers or you can push the boat out and choose these pair of flip flops by Havainas? Okay, it’s not totally the James Bond style but we think they look great on the beach!
mens red polo shirt red chinos outfit grid

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Having to wear something formal to work is not always a bad thing. It can help you to feel more focused and confident while at the office. Why not spend your exciting (or mildly entertaining) working hours dressing up in suits of James Bond’s style? Work has finally become fun again!

George Lazenby in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

We love good ol’ George because he brought something exciting to both the movie and the James Bond style. During On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, he wears one particular suit that completely breaks down Bond’s comfort zone. You may already know what we’re talking about – the cream suit.

This suit is recognised world-wide as it’s one of Bond’s choices which doesn’t surround a moody colour. Of course, he’s dressed head-to-toe in cream and we think it’s just a bit too much. It’s a step in the right direction for James Bond as we think it’s important to have some colour but you may want to avoid going O.T.T. with your shades and patterns. We don’t want your boss complaining about your style!

James Bond Style george lazenby cream suit

PHOTO CREDIT: The Suits of James Bond

I prefer the suave look of the traditional James Bond in his tuxedo or suit – dressing to impress never goes out of style and I think James Bond represents a kind of masculinity that appeals to all men. Plus, a well made suit can never look bad!

– Shellie Daintry (James Bond Fan)

How to Create This Look:

  • You can always choose your own three-in-one suit which means you’re done. You need to consider that you’re picking the right colour for you, but you can stick with black or grey if you want to play it safe.
  • However, we think it’s fun to create your own three piece suit and this Mylo Logan Jacket and matching trousers will do the trick. Add in this Florence waistcoat to complete your James Bond look.
  • Finish off your look with a pair of formal James Bond shoes to really achieve your James Bond style.
mens blue suit waistcoat outfit grid

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It’s totally normal to want to relax, especially after a long day at work. But what if you’re not a “Netflix and chill” kind of guy? Maybe you prefer to spend your evenings at the gym playing sports such as tennis or even beer pong? James Bond is a fan of sports too and knows how to look good while beating his opponent.

Sean Connery in Goldfinger (1964)

All spies need to have some chill time and we think you should too! In Goldfinger, James Bond enjoys a spot of golf and proves that he’s the guy to watch out for. He can play a good game (what can’t the man do?) but he puts the others to shame with his James Bond fashion (especially with his fedora hat).

Now is the best time to re-create the James Bond style and get it right down to a tee (sorry – we love our puns!). Sportswear is one of our favourite trends and at the minute, it’s everywhere you look. If you try out the golfing style, you’ll blend right in with the crowd.

James Bond Style Sean connery golf suit hat

PHOTO CREDIT: Gentleman’s Style

It’s a clear example of how Bond, as a character, is forever at cutting edge with society. I think it’s one of the first instances where a brand logo (Slazenger) was clearly displayed in Bond.

– Dale Platt (James Bond Fan)

How to Create This Look:

  • Take advantage of the latest trends and choose this pale pink shirt by Lyle & Scott. This company designs golf wear, so they know how to make you look your best both on and off the course.
  • Bond also likes to layer up his look, particularly with a few nice jumpers. You can stick with Lyle & Scott and go for this merino wool jumper. Its black shade will create a great contrast with all of your shirts, making your pink number really stand out!
  • Finish off your James Bond style by adding a pair of chinos and these Vans trainers. Right, we’ll see you at the 18th hole!
mens pink shirt black sweater look outfit grid

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You may think that the James Bond style doesn’t alter very much (well… it doesn’t really) but it’s always matched to the right season. Our British summer is the perfect time to play around with your look, especially as we can wear whatever we like! Unless it rains, of course!

Daniel Craig in Casino Royale (2006)

In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig comes out of the water wearing a pair of (very short) blue trunks? This trend was designed for the more contemporary Bond actors (such as Daniel Craig) because they wanted to enhance Bond’s sex appeal. We think it worked really well as it shows off his masculinity and really well-prepped body!

This season is all about swimwear, so you’ll feel right on track with your own blue trunks. You can also run around on the beach and pretend that you’re Daniel Craig. Did we just go a bit too far? Okay… moving on!

James Bond Style daniel craig blue trunks

PHOTO CREDIT: Men’s Fashion Blogger

I think the blue trunks make him more sexy than previously. He was sexy in a more subtle way, before Daniel Craig. He is confident in his body and takes risks and this adds to the iconic character of James Bond. I also like them because they don’t leave much to the imagination!

– Shellie Daintry (James Bond Fan)

How to Create This Look:

  • You can shake but not stir (sorry, we did it again) your choices in swimwear. Fancy choosing a pattern? You can choose these swim shorts from Boardies.
  • How about imitating Daniel Craig and his blue trunks?
  • Pair up your swimming shorts with a stylish tee by Only & Sons and some smart trainers. This will give your look a modernised twist and allow you to have a nice walk on the beach.
mens swim shorts

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Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about your accessories. How could we? These final touches are what make every James Bond and every style perfect. And there’s even a few different accessories for you to choose from!

Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Whenever you look at Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me you’ll always see him looking incredibly smart and very British. But what accessories will help you look British like James Bond? Well… a classic tie (or James Bond’s favourite) the dickie bow will really help to polish off your James Bond style by making it look incredibly chic!

James Bond has many other accessories for you to choose from and that will also make a difference to your look. Have you ever noticed James Bond’s hairstyle? Every Bond actor has always had his hair cut short and slicked back. Or if you’re not willing to chop off your locks, you can always choose a good watch. The possibilities are really endless!

James Bond Style roger moore

PHOTO CREDIT: The Suits of James Bond

What I’ve always appreciated is that debonair ‘modern British gentleman style’. The clean cut, smart nature. Informal doesn’t quite exist and although you see Bond as ‘casual’, there’s still that air of formality and respectability to it. Smart, casual almost. His choice of everything, from his suits/clothing to his accessories like watches and haircuts etc, is always classy without being too ostentatious.

– Matt Marshall (James Bond Fan)

How to Create This Look:

  • Go all out and choose this dickie bow.  It’ll match up nicely with all your formal shirts and look really smart for all your special events.
  • Wondering what watch does James Bond wear? Add some extra James Bond style with this watch by Timex. It’s a simple yet classic style, so it’ll suit all of your James Bond looks.
  • Or maybe you want to go more extreme with your accessories and desire to chop your hair? Use this hair product by Uppercut Deluxe. With it’s monster hold, you can slick back your James Bond style won’t budge (and it’s even sweat resistant!).
mens bow tie watch hair product

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History of Bond’s Style

The James Bond style has gone through the fashion mill, with some being disasters and others being true classics.

Watch this video to see how the James Bond look has altered over the past six decades.

Who Played James Bond?

Throughout the entire Bond collection, we had many different actors play the role of James Bond. Some of them in spoof episodes, while others stayed committed to the role for several years.

Have a look at a few of these talented men and see which names you recognise.

  • Barry Nelson – Played Bond in the TV special of Casino Royale in 1954.
  • Bob Holness – Played the voice of Bond in the radio adaptation of Moonraker in 1956.
  • Bob Simmons – Plays Bond in the opening sequence in 1962 (and in every film afterwards).
  • Sean Connery – Played the role of Bond from 1962-1967. And again in 1971 and 1983.
  • George Lazenby – Played the role of Bond in 1969.
  • Roger Moore – Played the role of Bond from 1973-1985.
  • Christopher Cazenove – Played the role of Bond for a documentary in 1973.
  • Timothy Dalton – Played the role of Bond between 1987 – 1989.
  • Michael Jayston – Played the voice of Bond in the radio adaptation of You Only Live Twice in 1990.
  • Pierce Brosnan – Played the role of Bond between 1995 – 2002.
  • Daniel Craig – Played Bond between 2006 – 2012.
james bond actors

PHOTO CREDIT: The Gallifreyan Gazette

Your Quick Guide to Getting James Bond’s Style

Follow this quick guide to get the most out of looking like your new idol:

  1. Always think smart: James Bond (no matter which actor you choose) will always look smart. Whether you’re wearing a classic suit or those blue swim trunks, you still need to retain the true James Bond style.
  2. It’s not all about suits: Bond’s apparel is more varied than what most people imagine. In fact, it’s now looking more relaxed than ever before which matches perfectly with contemporary styles.
  3. Think about your favourite James Bond actor: If you look at the entire Bond history, you’ll see a shift in style and that’s all down to having different actors. Choose your favourite and follow their adaptation of James Bond.
  4. You can modernise the James Bond look: You don’t have to stick to exactly what he wears as some of his styles are now outdated. Use your new James Bond inspiration to enhance your look and make it more modern.
  5. Don’t become James Bond, just look like him: Even though we love James Bond, we love your style more. So, remember to stay unique and just take some inspiration from our beloved spy.

And On That Note

“The name is Bond, James Bond!” continues to be one of the most significant lines in the whole of the film industry and we don’t think it’s about to change anytime soon. He’s recognised all over the world and no matter who you are, you will have heard his name at some point.

Whether you love or hate the DVD collection, James Bond is a fashion icon. His style has become much more relaxed compared to the more formal looks that he initially started with, but we think that this adds a new edge to James Bond. We’ve now seen him in everything from suits, tuxedos, t-shirts, jeans and even swimming trunks. So, we can’t help but wonder what’s next?

As you now know, it’s easy to adopt the James Bond style as it’s classic but effortless. And even though we love James Bond, we think that your personality is the best. Remember, it’s all about what styles you like and what you feel most comfortable wearing. All you have to do is be true to yourself and that’s all that James Bond will ever ask for.

Feature image from Pinterest

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