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Struggling to find a pair of jeans to fit? Then check out this guide on the best mens jeans for plus sizes so you’ll never have to struggle again.

The common misconception in fashion is that fashion is for thin people. Most of you by now should know that is this 100 percent WRONG. So you what type of jeans should I wear you ask? Remember, fashion is for absolutely everyone, no matter what size you are. Sure, a few of us would prefer to be a few pounds lighter here and there – but as time has moved on fashion-wise, food has come a long way too, and we want everything, right now! Fashion plus food equals proper happiness.

You don’t have to worry about being some size zero model and you can eat whatever you want and still look bang on-trend. You can have flattering tastes and the most comfortable jeans. The thing is, skinny people can dress incorrectly too. No matter what your size, there’s always a tip here and there that can turn your outfit from a no-go to an envious ensemble. Let’s start with jeans.

Best Stretch Jeans

One of the worst-kept secrets in fashion is the illusion of ‘verticality’. You want to be able to draw the eye upwards and downwards, not side to side. There are loads of ways you can do this while still maintaining your own sense of fashion and your personal style. For example, try wearing jeans with thin pinstripe-type lines down them to create the verticality. if you’re not into pinstripes, then get a pair of jeans you like and you can iron creases into the front of them which is another way of creating that line for the eye to be drawn up and down the body.

Another technique is about not splitting your body in half – by that I mean not having two completely contrasting colours on the top to those on the bottom half. For example, if you’re wearing black skinny jeans, black slim jeans or plus size black jeans with a red shirt, wear a dark jacket over the shirt – this will again draw the eye downwards and not across your body.

This also works when creating a look with a more tonal direction. Opt for light blues and grey/beige sweatshirts is a great look for transitioning between winter and spring – and ideally wearable for all sizes.

Types of Jeans for Men


Avoid really skinny fits! These will only look unflattering on you, not to mention be mega uncomfortable too. It’ll be a total fashion fail – so don’t do it! Another thing to avoid is thin and/or stretchy fabric. Stretchy fabric tends to ‘stick’ to the skin – and that’s not just after you wash the jeans. Once again a thin fabric will just be uncomfortable – unless it has a bit of slack in it. The ‘fit’ you need to aim for is a ‘relaxed’ one, rather than say skinny or ‘slim’ fits. relaxed fits don’t mean ‘baggy’ before you think this. This also goes for plus size mens jeans. Relaxed fit means comfortable.

This type of fit is more likely to be flattering too. As for the rise (how high the waist sits on you), try going for a slightly higher rise than you’d normally go for to avoid muffin-top (yes, guys get it too I’m afraid) and an awkward stomach overhang. However, if you feel more comfortable with a low rise then go for it. if you’re taller, you don’t want to have a really high rise as this may make you look out of proportion. Try wearing longer shirts too. Playing around with proportions is what helps create the perfect illusion of being slimmer.

established denim tapered slim fit the idle man

Here are a few more tips. just because you’re a bigger size doesn’t mean you need to wear a sack. Basically, covering up absolutely everything in a tent like fashion (or lack of) will only make you look shapeless. Buying the biggest clothes possible may seem tempting because they ‘cover up the sins’, however it won’t do you any favours. You will honestly just look bigger. I’m not saying go for skin-tight clothes, but just don’t go for the bin bag look. Skinner people make the same errors too. They tend to wear skin tight everything which doesn’t do them any favours either.

Colour And Pattern

As for patterns, feel free to be as adventurous as you like. Once again, just because you’re a plus size doesn’t mean you have to abide by a whole set of different rules. Some patterns won’t be flattering on plus sizes such as large bold patterns which draw attention to wider hips. Look at more subtle patterns on your jeans for a trendy and flattering look.

As for colours, again don’t be afraid of trying some new things out. Generally speaking, really pale chinos in a light cream shade or white may appear as unflattering and too bright – but try it out and see how it fits. It all depends on what you wear on top too. Try mixing things up and going for a bright shirt if you want to attract attention upwards. If you’re not bothered, then go for the jazziest jeans you can find! It’s all about your own personal brand and style.

Layering can be a key skill when buying jeans too. This reiterates my point earlier about not splitting your body in half. wear a check shirt over a top followed by a denim jacket or cardigan, depending on the time of year. Accessorise your outfits as much as you can. After all, one size fits all with accessories, right?

The Best Jeans for Plus Sizes

  • Avoid super tight or skinny jeans.
  • Always dress on top to flatter your shape.
  • If opting for trainers with your jeans, make sure to cuff the hem.
  • For more personality to your look, opt for distressed denim.

On That Note

Then try getting your favourite pair tailored! It doesn’t cost a huge amount to get the lengths measured and changed if your jeans fit everywhere else. This is a common problem with jeans. ‘Large’ sometimes means ‘long’ too. And not all of us are trees. So get down to a local tailor and ask to have your jeans altered. jeans that bunch up too much at the bottom or drag will only look messy.

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