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Want to stay a cut above the rest? Then the faux hawk hairstyle may be just what you’ve been looking for. In our handy guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about this contemporary cut, from which variation to go for to how to style it.

Should I Get the Faux Hawk Haircut?

A brand-new look and a quick trim can leave you feeling fresh and with a new-found spring in your step. The faux hawk is exciting enough to stir up intrigue, yet not so extravagant that it’s going to affect your success at a job interview.

If you’re looking for something that’s similar to the modern pompadour but has a little more intensity and style, then a faux hawk haircut is something to consider.

How Should My Faux Hawk Hairstyle Be Cut?

It’s important for you to know exactly what kind of faux hawk cut you want, whether it’s a close shave or longer design one, and bringing in a few photo examples can help out your barber or hairdresser. Remember the way the hair is cut will make all the difference in the final outcome and that it should be cut with scissors, not a razor.

Author of two bestselling men’s hair books Rogelio Samson recommends that

Your hair should be a minimum half inch all around your head, with 2 inches in length being the maximum length for the hairstyle.

– Rogelio Samson, Best Selling Author

Let’s not beat around the bush – all you are asking for theoretically is a short back and sides with the hair longer at the top, where the strip can be spiked or formed into a point, depending on the thickness and consistency. The strip can be minimised or maximised as preferred for an individual situation through styling.

How Do I Style My Faux Hawk Haircut?

Grab yourself a quality hairstyle product, a good comb (or use your fingers if you prefer) and a hair dryer if you desire a natural look to your faux hawk. It really is that easy to perfect an awesome faux hawk haircut.

Choosing The Right Faux Hawk For You

What makes the faux hawk hairstyle so wonderful is its adaptability and how easily you manipulate it into the style you want simply by rubbing in a pinch of gel or wax. It can be tailored to suit all different types of hair: men with curly, straight and receding hair are just a trio of beneficiaries that can adopt this varied cut.

Classic Faux Hawk

If there is one particular style that defines the faux hawk then this it. There is a substantial difference in length between the precise sides and extended hair on top, allowing it to be spiked to nail this classical look.

Shaggy Faux Hawk

Unkempt and dishevelled. Perfect for men seeking a messy feel to their hair, but still paying homage to the faux hawk.

Short Mohawk Fade

When it comes to the short mohawk fade, sometimes referred to as just a faux hawk fade, cut is all about the thickness of the sides and the three elements working in tandem, flowing in the same direction which sharpness the pointy top constructed through spiking the crest.

Bald Faux Hawk

A clever way to divert attention away from hair loss. Although not immediately visible to the naked eye, an extremely stripe of hair going down the middle perfectly complements faded skin and curtailed sides.

The History Of The Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The faux hawk has well and truly emerged from the shadow of its younger brother the Mohawk – a prevalent hairstyle in the punk-rock era of the 1980’s. It differs to the Mohawk in the same way the Sex Pistols would differ without Johnny Rotten or The Doors would change without Jim Morrison. Far less dramatic, but you still sit up and take notice.

Later the faux hawk shot to prominence in 2005 when fashion and sporting icon David Beckham was photographed at “The David Beckham Academy” launch party at Creative Artists Agency in Beverly Hills, California exhibiting the style. Beckham proved to be the driving force behind elevating the faux hawk hairstyle into the limelight of the 21st century, popularising it amongst inner-city men.

The Faux Hawk (And How To Style It)

  • The Faux Hawk shot to popularity in 2005 with David Beckham’s signature cut.
  • The Faux Hawk has similarities to the 80’s mohawk but is a subtler take on the look.
  • You can go for a variety of cuts depending on your hair type, with messy and buzzcut styles just a few of the styles.
  • Keep your look styled with the right clays, as well as a handy comb to keep everything smooth and tamed.

On That Note

It is difficult not to be swayed by the faux hawk. It’s easy to maintain, relatively simple to administer and can be easily undone at any time with your fingers (not that you would want to do that of course).

Creating a faux hawk hairstyle may not be cutting edge technology, but it has to be styled right to have the desired effect. You know now what to ask for on your next outing to the local salon. No matter the cost, your haircut will seem a snip for the days, months and years of satisfaction it will bring you.

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