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Whether your favourite style is chino, jean, sweat, cargo or khaki, it’s often difficult to find your perfect pair of shorts. So, start off by taking a look at our list of the top five best shorts for men.

While the British summer may be approaching an end, warm weather is never far away. Due to rising holiday prices during the peak of summer, September and October have become popular times to head abroad and soak up the rays. Over the last few years, the British summer has also become commonplace. So, it makes sense to invest in a pair of the best men’s shorts, if you haven’t already.

For gym-goers, they’re a year-round option, for holidaymakers, a summer choice and for the brave, a viable trouser replacement. Shorts can and should be worn by all at some point in the year. Their variety of styles are comparable to trousers, while their ability to keep you cool and looking effortless is unquestionable. But be wary, the sun does not always equate to shorts. Not only must the temperature be acceptable, but the occasion must satisfy your choice of leg-wear.

By no means do shorter trouser legs mean falling short on style, and whether you’re looking for practicality, comfort, fit, durability, or versatility, there are shorts out there for you. So make those ‘leg-days’ count and set your calves free. It’s time to switch your trousers for their shorter counterpart. To get you started, here’s a list of the top five best shorts for men.

Chino Shorts

Chino shorts (often called flat-front) are simply a shorter version of the menswear staple, chinos. While their routes lie in the military, over the years they’ve become shorter and slimmer, colour palettes have increased, patterns have become commonplace, and material composition has diversified. Most chino shorts sit just above the knee, while some can come up a little more, taking their inspiration from the Riviera style of the sixties.

The majority of chino shorts are cotton twill, maintaining a balance between weight, breathability and durability. With all this in mind, let’s have a look at some of the best.

Men’s Jean Shorts

Jean (or denim) shorts, also known as ‘jorts’ (a mash-up of the two words) have been around since the sixties when fashion became a little more experimental. Over time, jean shorts experienced a decline, but they’re on the rise again, with brands promoting them as a means of recycling jeans. If you don’t have old jeans kicking about, you might want to buy a ready-made pair. Where to start? Think about classic denim brands.

Sweat Shorts for Men

Sportswear is perhaps in its golden era, as sports-luxe and athleisure have dominated runways and street style for the past few seasons. Tailored joggers have become a wardrobe essential, and won’t be going anywhere soon. Their summer alternative: sweat shorts. Don’t worry about the word sweat, they’re not solely for the sport, although their fit is comparable to men’s basketball shorts.

They can, instead, provide comfort for lounging around the house when watching Netflix on those lazy days, or replicating runway looks with sweatshirts, oversized tees and slick trainers on the street. Sports brands and European designers are equally capable of providing the finest sweat short designs.

Cargo Shorts

Like the Chino short, cargo shorts route back to the military. They’re defined by additional side pockets, as well as their unique fit. Some call them ugly (particularly white cargo shorts) and believe they have no place in fashion, while others can’t get enough of them. Regardless of what you think, one thing’s for certain, they are practical. And if you think they should be banned, well, big brands are still producing them, so it’s tough luck.

As khaki is a summer staple colour. Tones of khaki can vary from a light stone colour to more of an army green, and come in a variety of styles, including chino, cargo, tailored and sweat.

Sports Shorts

It would be unfair not to give a mention to men’s sports shorts (or men’s running shorts). For many of us, they were paired with an oversized T-shirt and trainers for the first ten years of our lives, for others, they’re worn every day at the gym. Why shouldn’t you look good working out? Check out brands such as Adidas, Nike, Under Armour and New Balance for some of the best men’s athletic shorts.

The Top Five Best Shorts

  • Shorts should only be worn when it’s super hot, otherwise, you may look like you’ve just bought a size that’s too small.
  • Shorts can be worn at the gym year-round. No doubt you’ll get hot so you may as well keep as cool as possible with a pair of gym shorts. Always remember to never skip leg day!
  • Always think about practically, comfort, fit, durability, and versatility. This should be your checklist when it comes to choosing your pair of shorts.
  • There’s a large range of different types of shorts. This includes chino, jean, sweat, cargo and khaki, so be sure to pick the pair that suits you.

On That Note

Are shorts for everyone? Perhaps not. They’ve only been accepted for the past fifty years, and it’s likely that some will never truly embrace bare legs. Should they be worn year round? Of course not. This means you’ve got nine months to get your legs into shape and find styles, colours and patterns which work for you. This list of the top five best shorts has hopefully given you some much-needed inspiration.

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