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The skinny suit is a classic style making a comeback that can spice up your formal wardrobe. Read our handy guide on the best men’s skinny suits to find out the right one for you.

How a Skinny Fit Suit Should Fit

On the whole, a skinny fit suit should fit in more or less the same way as a ‘normal’ suit in terms of length and fitting. Here are the basic rules for skinny suit fitting:

  • The seam connecting the body of your suit to your sleeves should fall along your shoulder-blade to ensure a clean fit.
  • Your suit should fall to the curve of your buttocks, and when your arms are down beside you, you should be able to cup the side of your suit jacket.
  • The length of your sleeves should be no longer than the base of your thumb.

Pretty standard stuff here. What differs in a skinny suit from a normal suit is, unsurprisingly, how tight it is. Most suits require a fists worth of room between you and the jacket, but this isn’t the case with a skinny fit jacket, and the idea is to accentuate your body, especially your waist and chest. Most skinny suits have only one or two buttons, and this is really to make sure that your waist is nipped in as much as possible without the suit straining against your chest.


Black Skinny Suit

It’s the staple basic and every man should have one at the back of their wardrobe. The black suit has become a universal statement of class and respectability, and wearing one is a surefire way to get better service pretty much anywhere. Skinny white suits for men are another classic, but you’ll definitely get more wear out a black one. Make sure you’re wearing your suit perfectly however, as it’s easy to see if a suit is ill-fitting if it’s in a clean colour like black.

In terms of shirts to wear with black skinny suits, steer clear of the black-on-black look. So, if you want to achieve an intense look, employ a bit of contrast. Stick to different neutrals such as grey and navy. White is a foolproof option, of course, so perhaps go outside your comfort zone with a light blue oxford shirt.

For shoes, if you’re wearing a black suit we’d stick to the basics and, whatever shirt you’re pairing it with, slip on a pair of black shoes. You can go for a range of styles, from loafers, brogues, and even smart boots – just make sure they’re in a neat black colour to keep things sleek and simple.

Man in Navy suit street style

Navy Skinny Suit

Navy is one of the go to colours if you’re looking for versatility, and something that can easily be mixed with smart and casual looks. It’s easy to dress up a navy suit, as it one of those colours that pretty much goes with everything, and you can achieve subtle and striking looks depending on your preference.

For a clean, simple look that’s always going to look good, get yourself a crisp white oxford shirt, making sure that it fits close to the body to ensure there are no bumps and lumps showing through the suit. If that’s a little too ordinary for you, try out a more intense black shirt. The subtle contrast between the shirt and suit will help give a stylish yet understated look that’s ideal for formal looks. Another choice is to grab yourself a light blue shirt to achieve a light, clean look that mixes a casual vibe into a formal look.

Brown and blue is a classic combination, and so the ideal choice for shoes is to get yourself a neat pair of brown loafers, brogues or leather lace ups. As you’re dealing with a navy it’s better to go for a darker brown, as a light brown could make you top heavy.

Dark Blue Blazer Navy Bag Sunglasses Mens Street Style

Dark Grey Skinny Suit

The difference between a light grey and a dark grey suit is pretty significant, so it’s important you know how to dress up both. If you’ve grabbed yourself a dark grey suit then you can dress it up in a similar way to a black suit, as the tonal difference isn’t huge. As opposed to a men’s burgundy suit, the styling options for a dark grey skinny suit are quite diverse – burgundy suits only work on certain occasions within certain seasons.

When picking a shirt for a dark grey suit it’s best to keep things as simple as possible. A dark grey suit is more of a stand out choice than you might think, so trying to compete with it by choosing a bold shirt is just going to create a clash. Stick to clean, neutral colours like black and white for a refined finish.

Again, simplicity is best when it comes to pairing shoes with a dark grey suit. Anything too light will make the outfit seem unfinished, so the the best option, whether you’re dressing up to the nines, or going for a more understated look, is a good pair of black shoes. This might seem limiting, but depending on the materials you choose, you can actually create a few different looks.

Light Grey Skinny Suit

A light grey suit is a great choice if you want something light and sleek, with a neat, formal finish. Depending on how you dress it up you can achieve a look that’s ideal for a summer event, and the next minute perfect for that important board meeting.

A light grey suit is a surprisingly versatile item to work with, and you can match it up with a range of shirts. Go for a simple, light look with a white shirt, a bolder, contrasting style with a black shirt, or a preppy, pastel inspired look with a light blue or pink shirt.

There’s a little more choice with a light grey suit when it comes to shoes compared to dark grey suits, however in order to keep your outfit looking the best it can be, try to stick to neutral colours. Light brown and black shoes are going to give two distinct but stylish looks, so have a think about what you want your final look to be like before you decide on one.

Your Quick Guide on The Best Skinny Suits for Men

  • Despite skinny suits fitting differently to the average suit, the general fit guidelines still apply.
  • A black skinny suit is a classic style you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again.
  • A navy skinny suit has a polished vibe that’s perfect for more formal occasions.
  • A dark grey skinny suit is just as wearable as a black one, so feel free to pop one on for any more formal occasion.
  • A light grey skinny suit has a slightly less formal vibe, so bust this one out for semi-formal occasions.

andersen's belt mens street style navy suit mens street style

On That Note

There you have it – our top picks for skinny suits for men. This silhouette is easy to pull off, just follow fit guidelines for regular suits to find the perfect one for you. Sticking to neutral colours will ensure that your skinny suit will be wearable for any formal occasion. This also gives you maximum freedom in finding shirt and shoe options to style with them.

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