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Many common male haircuts can end up causing some form of grief at one point or another, but should you blame your barber? Genetics? The likelihood is you’re committing one of the common hair mistakes that men make. Looking to avoid? Read on.

Common Men’s Hair Mistakes

1: Being Rough With Your Scalp In The Shower

This is a common offence among many guys. We’ve all done it – you’ll be rushing in the morning and end up scratching the living daylights out of your scalp in the shower. It might not seem like this would cause any issues, but you’re actually weakening your hair follicles and, likely, increasing your risks of dandruff – no thanks. Try rubbing through with the palms of your hands instead or gently with the padded part of your fingertips. You’ll find it promotes circulation, which can make your hair grow nice and thick.

2: Washing too Much:

Over washing has got to be one of the most common hair mistakes that men make. This may come as a surprise to many guys, but you should really only be washing hair once or twice a week. Most shampoos, particularly the cheaper ones, will strip your hair of natural oils and protections. While conditioner will replace much of this, it is good for the health of both your hair and scalp to allow your natural oils to come through and do their thing. So, save washing for just a few times a week.

3: Using 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner

Ignore your so called ‘good deal’ and invest in a proper shampoo and conditioner. In order for your hair to be properly cleaned up, the pores in your scalp need to be opened and this is where your shampoo comes in. It helps to get rid of and product or dirt build up. Conditioner is needed after to add a moisturising agent and to close up those hair cuticles, but be mindfull of how much conditioner you use as excess oil can make your hair greasy. Your 2-in-1 product might be opening and cleaning the cuticles, but it doesn’t handle the closing part which means that ultimately your hair ends up dirtier anyway. Don’t even bother with these products. This is the ultimate bad hair for men offender.

4: Using Product in Wet Hair

The first downside to this is that water will dilute the product, of course, annoying. This makes it way less effective and can even cause your hair to go all clumpy among other undesirable effects. Unless the instructions specify otherwise, your hair should be at least towel dried before you begin to add any products. This will give you much more control over the product. Even if you’re going for the wet look, let the product do the work.

5: Overstyling

As with fragrances, you probably need to be a lot more conservative than you think when it comes to applying products. You can always put more in, but start out with small amounts of anything you’re using and apply as needed. Invest in a decent comb and styling products, be it waxes, gels or clays, that suit your hair thickness and style.

6: The Wrong Hairstyle

Movies, music videos and fashion runways are all guilty of setting men off in the wrong inspirational trajectory for what hairstyles they think they can pull off. Just accept it guys – some styles just aren’t for us, so don’t get too carried away. Be honest with yourself and hopefully your hairdresser will be honest with you if you’re totally missing the mark. Check out the worst hair faux-pas below – just don’t try to recreate it and learn from Shia Labeouf. Please.

7: Home Dye

The kits are on the supermarket shelves, and the YouTube guides make it look so easy. Want our advice? Leave it to the professionals. Fluorescent yellow attempts at bleached hair, goth blacks that wash out skin tone and warm tones that actually bring out greys rather than hiding them. These are all classic hair colour mistakes that men make.

While it can be accomplished if you know what you’re doing, if you’re a dying newbie then things have a penchant for going very wrong. Approach with caution – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

8: Overgrown Sideburns

Men’s side burns can be a tricky business. Do you want to make a statement with your sideburns or are you wondering what’s the ideal side burn length? In general, it’s better to do what fits your style, but opting for excessively long or blatantly short sideburns is typically best avoided. Anything with bushy sideburns, or a disastrous no sideburns haircut is really not the way to go.

How to Avoid Hair Mistakes

  • Take care in the shower – wash your hair by massaging gently and avoid putting too much conditioner on as it can make your hair greasy.
  • Take it easy with productsless is more, and more will only make your hair greasy.
  • Don’t wash too much – once or twice a week is fine.
  • Don’t colour at home – consult an expert and be sure that it’s a change you want to make. Consider going semi-permanent if you’re not sure.
  • Invest in quality shampoo and conditioner – 2-in-1 is a no go, and borrowing your girlfriends is just plain annoying.

On That Note

Well, that about wraps it up. We expect all of you to be adopting these tactics when it comes to that barnet of yours. Let’s bring an end to hair mistakes for good – just cut them right out. You can always find the right style for your hair if you stay informed, consult your stylist and get the best recommendation.

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