These DIY Sweater Pumpkins can be Tailored for Fall Home Décor

You would be surprised to know how old, unused things lying around the house can be easily used to create Halloween decorations. From old cardboard and paper to pallets and wine bottles, many such items are a treasure for DIYers who can turn them into wonderful festive decoration items like these DIY pumpkins, discussed below.

We have previously learned about Halloween crafts made from recycled materials; in this article, we want to divert your attention to a classic material that you would have never imagined can be utilized in home decoration for Halloween or Fall.

We are talking about old sweaters that are often lying unused in wardrobes! This time, put your old clothing or sweaters to use and make easy DIY sweater pumpkins for Halloween. It is a simple but practical project, and some of these options are no-sew. So even the most novice can have a look and try!

How to make pumpkin decoration from old sweater?

If you are looking for easy DIY crafts that can be used for fall home decor, you can try making cute pumpkin decorations from old sweaters. You can start by cutting the sleeves and then filling them with cotton or foam, giving it the shape of a pumpkin and tying it at the top. When done, you can add some faux leaves and use jute twine to make the stem. You can also use a thread to make ribs around the pumpkins if you like.

Best DIY sweater pumpkin ideas

There are so many ways you can upcycle old sweaters. Check out some of the coolest DIY sweater pumpkin projects below for your inspiration.

Transition into the autumn season with a cool DIY pumpkin made out of orange-colored sweater sleeves

Image: Created by V

These pumpkins with cable knit texture made of hot glue and painted in the desired color are a fun and easy craft

Image: Instructables

This no-sew sweater pumpkin is a quick and easy project for fall. You have to add the final touch with twine tied on the top

Image: Life is Sweeter by Design

Make a pumpkin patch using sweater sleeve pumpkins with bendable stem covered with jute twine

Image: DIY Beautify

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Dollar Tree foam pumpkins covered with old sweaters. Add leaves, stem, and tendrils for a realistic look

Image: Fly and Design

These pumpkins made from upcycled sweaters, t-shirt, and fleece appear apt for fall home décor. You can even craft leaves from fabric to finish the look

Image: You Make It Simple

Create these cutest little pumpkins to add different textures to your fall decor!

Image: A Well Purposed Woman

Use an old sweater and a couple of toilet paper rolls for an adorable sweater pumpkin

Image: It’s Always Autumn

You will surely want to make these insanely cute DIY Dollar Tree farmhouse faux sweater pumpkins

Image: Kimspired DIY

If you have no sewing skills, these no-sew sweater pumpkins are a delightful project you can pull off

Image: The Country Chic Cottage

Check out the video tutorial below to understand how to make no-sew sweater pumpkins

You can also check out our exhaustive list of ways to make Halloween pumpkins out of different materials.

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