This Campervan Concept Features Atrium Design Windows

Don’t call yourself a campervan lover if you don’t remember the Hunter Nature Campervan RAPTOR XC we introduced you to last year. RAPTOR XC had everything to sneak past its competitors. The expansive windows in the trailer were less talked about but they offered a panoramic view of the outside world, which is very rare in camper trailers and campervans.

To change this notion, Texino has brought out a new Atrium campervan concept, which moves one step ahead of the RAPTOR XC and features an expansive bay window at its rear. Designed by LA-based constructer Gabriel Wartofsky, the campervan looks futuristic.

Featuring a geometric bay window at the back and angular styling, the body of the campervan looks absolutely gorgeous. To make maximum use of geometric space, two spare tires tuck underneath the window. The entire campervan is poised on the base frame of a Mercedes Sprinter.

Inside the campervan, there are three porthole windows on each side allowing plenty of sunshine to pour in. Additionally, there are two skylights on the roof, which provide both ventilation and light to the interior space.

Right next to the bay window is a fully-equipped kitchenette with a sink and a stove. There is also a compact fridge under the counter. We are not sure whether the futuristic design includes a bathroom or not but points out that the bath looks like it’s positioned between the kitchenette and the cab with a door separating the two.

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The seating area of the camper can be transformed into a sleeping room for two. Texino also proclaims that the campervan will have 600 watts of sola equipped with 600 amps of Lithium batteries. Furthermore, there would be 200 gallons of freshwater, a 50-gallon grey water tank, and a 25-gallon black water tank.

Overall, the design looks really exquisite with all the camping necessities but the highlight reel is obviously the atrium. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope that the design enters its production stage soon.

texino atrium campervan_1

Image: Texino

texino atrium campervan_4

Image: Texino

texino atrium campervan rear

Image: Texino

texino atrium campervan interior

Image: Texino

texino atrium campervan bed

Image: Texino