This Elegant Japanese Soaking Tub Will Add Class to Your Bathroom

My morning routine includes a hot cup of coffee followed by a warm shower. I bathe for ten to fifteen minutes under the hot stream, before rushing to the office. This implies that I don’t pay much attention to my bathroom aesthetics, likewise, I’ve never thought of buying a tub either. Recently, I came across OFURO, a sleek and elegant tub, which might just change my mind.

OFURO is a stylish Japanese soaking tub that’s impressively designed. The bathtub is made by MAOMI, a brand dedicated to making ecologically and socially sustainable furniture. Available in two size, classic and long, the bathtub adds aesthetic to your bathroom space. Overall, just looking at the body of the tub, one would feel like bathing in it and that would cost you $6,416 which is a lot cheaper than Kohler smart bathtubs.

Weighing 50kg (small) and 70kg (large), the tub body features aromatic cedar wood that is carefully shaped and precisely assembled in the gorgeous oval piece. The low weight makes it easy to move around to adjust the bathroom setting, though you might have to flex your muscles a little.

Other two important aspects that make the bathtub worth adding to your bathroom are its functional design and high aesthetic standards. The cedar wood is clamped in three stainless-shell bands which contain the water pressure. The three stripes not only add functionality to the bathtub but also make it aesthetically pleasing.

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The unique design of the bathtub is inspired by the Japanese tradition of bathing. OFURO in Japan means a private bath where people clean their bodies thoroughly and then relax inside the tub. Holding up to 200 liters (small) 350 liters (large) of water, it will indeed inculcate Japanese traditions and also save a lot of space that your traditional bathtub usually occupies.

When compared to western bathtubs, the OFURO has a smaller footprint. The 38-inch long bathtub with a height of 30-inches lets you bathe and literally soak your head and sorrows altogether.

ofuro bathtub by maomi_1

Image: MAOMI

ofuro bathtub by maomi_3

Image: MAOMI

ofuro bathtub by maomi_2

Image: MAOMI

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