This Inflatable Armchair Collection is Made in Various Colors With Glass


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The design world is full of cliché. Every second furniture piece we spot is more or less identical. Going against the grain to produce something out of the box, MOJOW announced its exclusive line of armchair and sofa which tops on bold design and cutting-edge quality.

The French furniture brand’s new range of furniture is a perfect balance between glass walls and seat cylinders that every interior lover would love to house. Designed by Olivier Santin, the EXCLUSIVE MW 01 SAFETY GLASS is an inflatable armchair and sofa in various colors with glass elements.‎

Colored transparencies are tinged with vibrant tones that modulate light and space.‎ Balancing glass walls and stainless steel tubes, the chair stands erect and looks elegant as a glass throne. MOJOW new collection of EXCLUSIVE MW interior furniture comprises 5 series of armchairs and sofas to mix and match to suit.

The body of the furniture range comprises two safety glass walls (each 12mm) that support six cylinders. The six cylinders formulate the seat of the chair and are made of stainless steel mirror-polished tubes each measuring 720mm in width. Poised on a protective strip of stainless steel, the glass does not break easily.

MOJOW installs TPU cushions (a highly-resistant material that is recyclable and biodegradable) on the transparent tempered glass which makes it comfortable for seating. One can also partially cover the cushion with fabric covers if required.

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MOJOW logo is etched on the stainless steel mirror strip on the edge. A classic example of minimalist living and resolutely unconventional style, the collection is available in different colors.

The MOJOW EXCLUSIVE collection is infinitely customizable and it is possible to create a totally unique model by combining colors and customizing the glasses to your liking.‎ The EXCLUSIVE MW 01 series is an exemplar of how raw material in combination with bold design can lead to perfect finishes.

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