This One Man, All-Season Inflatable Hammock Tent can Pitch in 15 Secs


exod monolith shelter

Picture this! You are stuck on high mountain terrain and night is fast approaching. With very little time to settle, you need a shelter you can instantly install and take cover in. This is where an inflatable tent that you can pitch in seconds would never disappoint.

Exod Monolith is one such tent and hammock combo that would be my ideal choice while trekking or camping. Made to suit any terrain, the tent can be set up in fifteen seconds, the company claims.

It can either be used as a basic ground tent supported by carbon fiber poles or elevated above the ground and suspended in mid-air like a hammock through a strap-based suspension. The Monolith can also be hung by its single hook overhead.

Built to withstand any climatic fury, the tent is constructed with high-quality materials. This one-person four-season shelter comes with a couple of telescopic carbon/alloy rods to form the flatbed and 16m of security webbing equipped with tear-resistant cam-buckles and carabiners.

Made of high-strength polyester and water repellent nylon, the Exod Monolith tent features waterproof zippers which will keep you dry in any adverse weather condition. The Exod Monolith not only provides shelters but also offers adequate storage space to house your gear. The flat and stable bed also doubles as thermal insulation to keep you warm throughout the night.

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Weighing just 2.9 kg and packing to a minimum of 16 x 9 x 9 inches, this lightweight tent is limited to a mere 100 pieces and is available for $960 each. Accessories supplied with the tent include pegs, repair kit, guy ropes, packsack.

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