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Check out this guide for some of this season’s best transitional jackets and how to wear them. You’ll thank us in the long run.

As we head into spring it’s around this time we start to think of putting those thick, wintery coats back into our wardrobes and grabbing the nearest jacket at arms reach. However, with the weather in the UK being known for its indecisiveness and impromptu rain fall, we have to think about what kind of jacket we’re going to wear.

Of course, there are a plethora of jackets out there to choose from, whether you’re into a classic leather jacket, for a more alternative edge, or you love a good bomber jacket for those days when channelling a style icon is at the top of your agenda. Either way, here at Curated Mint we always want you looking on top form, so we’ve put together this handy little style guide to showcase some of the best transitional jackets around and, how to wear them.

Coach Jacket

The first in our arsenal of transitional jackets is the coach jacket. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, that you’ve never heard of a coach jacket, well neither did I, but now, it’s one of the most versatile and transitional pieces you could own in your wardrobe.

This jacket gets it’s name from, you guessed it, sports coaches. Even to this day sports coaches from across the globe are fixated with wearing this nylon, sometimes even water resistant, jacket due to its practicality and ability to keep them warm and dry when the weather likes to take a turn for the worse (which it usually does). Here at Curated Mint HQ we firmly believe that every man should try this jacket out at least once in their lifetime.

coach jacket

If you’ve decided to go with the coach jacket then you’re going to want to wear something with it. Why not try wearing a long-line tee, a bang on trend piece to own this season which would work perfectly with a pair of black skinny jeans. Teamed with a pair of monochrome trainers and a black beanie to top the look off and you’ll be good to go.

coach jacket casual outfit grid


The windbreaker jacket has had a bit of a revival over the last fews years to make it one stylish piece of outerwear to own this season. Speaking from personal experience, the windbreaker reminds me of my dad wearing one to play golf in on a blustery day. This damaged my experience with them (no offence dad), but now, I’d gladly invest in one.

The windbreaker does exactly what it says on the tin, breaks the wind, stops it from effecting your overall temperature if you will. The lightweight nylon jacket is designed to stop the wet and wind from effecting your body, allowing you to carry on with your day nice and warm. Perfect.

lyle and scott windbreaker jacket

The windbreaker doesn’t necessarily have to be a casual piece of outwear, you can smarten up this transitional jacket with a few tweaks to your outfit underneath. Try wearing a plain white Oxford shirt underneath a grey jumper, such as this Lyle & Scott number. Wearing a shirt underneath your jumper instantly creates a smarter appearance without trying too hard. Teamed with a pair of dark wash blue jeans and a pair of brown suede Chelsea boots for a spot on look this season.

winderbreaker jacket smart casual outfit grid

Leather Jacket

This has to be one of my favourite transitional jackets to wear this and every season. The leather jacket is a piece that’s steeped in history, practicality and style. It’s fair share of revamps over the years, with the 50’s playing a rather large role in the jacket’s popularity. I should think images of The Fonz or even Danny Zuko are popping into your head right now as these men helped pave the way for the jacket’s popularity.

It was in the 1920’s when the Schott brothers designed and created the first leather biker jacket. Due to leather’s practicality and durability it was an obvious choice for people to wear whilst riding the growingly popular motorcycle at the time. Shoot forward almost 100 years and you will see the leather jacket come in all sorts of variations, from biker jackets to bombers, it’s the perfect transitional jacket to own this season.

leather bomber jacket

Personally, if I’m wearing a leather jacket I like to go for a more retro inspired look. Try wearing a classic, plain white tee with a pair of lighter blue denim jeans. This instantly give you a classic, casual and stylish look to pair with some high tops, such as these Converse, another classic piece with comfort to boot.

leather jacket casual outfit grid

Rain Jacket

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be here in the UK so it’s best that we al have a handy rain jacket to have close by. Forget the kagool your mother made you pack on every school trip and start thinking of something a little more stylish this season.

Some of the first rain coats were made in the Victorian era when they used a rubberised or wax coated material to make some of the first water resistant coats. Fast forward over 100 years and what we have today are some very high-tech and stylish piece of rainwear for you to choose from.

rains jacket

Just because you’re prepared for the wet weather doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. To match with the doom and gloom of the weather why not try wearing a black jumper with a pair of black slim legged jeans. This just gives your look a more smart-casual feel without being too overdressed. Teamed with a pair of thicker soled brogues, such as these Dr Marten’s, for a weather ready look that has all the style necessary.

rain jacket smart-casual outfit

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is a classic menswear mainstay, and here at Curated Mint HQ we love a good bomber jacket in our wardrobes at all times. This jacket is steeped in history as the first bomber jackets were created during the war for pilots to were whilst they were flying.

The jackets were originally made from leather or shearling to keep the pilots warm as the cockpits were open to the elements. Leather was used for its durability and hard wearing factors over cotton or other materials. However, nowadays the bomber jacket can come in all sorts of variations and materials for you to choose from.

lightweight nylon bomber jacket

The great thing about wearing a bomber jacket is that you can dress it up or keep it casual, or, something in between. Try wearing a crisp white Oxford shirt with a pair of black suit trousers, roll the bottoms up a little bit and throw on a pair of white, low top trainers. This is a cracking look which tackles one of this season’s biggest trends, mixing formal and casual wear, with style and ease.

bomber jacket smart casual outfit grid

Varsity Jacket

Think American college campus and you’ll be in the right ball park when you think of a varsity jacket. Steeped in American college history and engraved in teen film culture across the world, the varsity jacket is one of the comfiest and most versatile pieces you could own in your wardrobe arsenal.

Since its inception during the 50’s and 60’s the varsity jacket has gone from strength to strength. Usually being made from a cotton based torso and leather sleeves, it adds detail and texture to your look without trying too hard, definitely a favourite here at Curated Mint HQ.

mens varsity jacket

It’s only fitting that you wear something a little more preppy with a varsity jacket, so try teaming your jacket with a denim shirt, with a pair of stone or beige coloured chinos. Throw on a pair of boat shoes (no socks!) to top off this classically preppy look this season.

varsity jacket preppy outfit grid

Denim Jacket

Our last, but certainly by no means least we have the trusty denim jacket. We all own or have owned one of these in the past and it’s no wonder why we all love them so much. Originally designed as a practical piece of outwear for the workers it made its way into the mainstream fashion with people from all walks of life sporting one on their backs at some point or the other.

The denim jacket has come in many variations over the years, but you know what they say, you can’t beat the classics (maybe a classic with a twist). Stick to minimal and simple designs without going too out there with colour and pattern as this will lead to a very dated look very quickly.

levis trucker jacket

Because the denim jacket is quite a casual piece of outwear it’s only right that you team it with an outfit that is also quite casual. Try teaming a grey Oxford shirt with a pair of raw denim jeans for a cracking casual look, simple and stylish. Teamed with a pair of desert boots, such as these ones from Clarks, for a spot on look this season.

denim jacket causal outfit grid

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Your Quick Guide to Men’s Transitional Jackets

  1. A rain jacket has to be one of your first choices when thinking about a transitional jacket. As the weather becomes more unpredictable you can always count on a rain jacket to come in handy.
  2. Leather jackets are great in cooler seasons. Not only are they often great at repelling water but they’re also great at keeping you warm.
  3. For those who want protection from the elements then a windbreaker is for you. Not just a practical choice their sleek design also works well with casual outfits.
  4. Want to be like your favourite sports coach? No, neither do we! But the coach jacket is a simple design that will work on top of a lot of smarter styles. Ideal when it’s just too cold to go without a jacket.
  5. The bomber jacket has a military history and has become one of the best men’s jackets out there. Consider picking up a suede jacket to give this classic design a smart twist.
  6. Varsity jackets are yet another great transitional jacket. Best worn alongside a casual outfit, you can rely on it to keep you warm although not the best waterproof option in our list.
  7. What’s not to love about a denim jacket. Don’t be afraid of double denim either! When worn right this is a classic style that you can work into most looks.

On That Note

The jackets we’ve put together are great choices as transitional pieces. The most important thing when picking up a new jacket is that it will fit well and you feel comfortable in it. Throughout the autumn and into the winter the weather will start to cool down, so a jacket that’s easy to throw on is perfect for keeping warm and protected from the elements.

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