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If you’re looking for a good dead tree tattoo idea, then end your search as we have brought you a list of best dead tree tattoo ideas.

Dead Tree Tattoo
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Dead tree tattoos have become quite popular around the world due to the many meanings they possess.

It has various spiritual meanings and deep meanings that you will be able to relate with. It can also be associated with nature, healing, birds, family, and more.

If you wish to know the dead tree tattoo meaning or what does a dead tree tattoo symbolize, then that lies behind the nature of the tree, it’s branches, roots, leaves, trunk, and more. If half of the tree branches are bare and the rest half have leaves, then that might represent a strong will to stay alive or power of will to stay out of death’s grasp. Search for inspiration from the list below. You can have fun by designing different dead trees for your tattoo or you can save your favourite to get that design tattooed.

Scenic Dead Tree Tattoos

Along with carrying the natural meaning the tattoo wearer intends to express, dead tree tattoo designs also carry a deadly beauty. That’s why you can come up with a beautiful scenic picture surrounding a dead tree. You can create both heavenly and hellish pictures with a dead tree.

Scenic Dead Tree Tattoos
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The picture above is a perfect example of a slightly horror-based scenic and nature tattoo. A little home in the middle of a field, a dead tree on the side, with lightning in the sky, and some birds flying away, the tattoo gives an ominous vibe, but it’s still extremely beautiful.

Dead Tree At Night Tattoos

In many TV shows, movies, we have seen dead trees as a very popular choice to express a frightful or ominous night scene. That’s why many people associate dead trees with nighttime, graveyards, and all things ghostly.

Dead Tree At Night Tattoos
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The picture above is a tattoo of a dead tree standing in the middle of a graveyard and a big moon shining above. You can include some other elements to the tree tattoo designs to make the meaning more prominent.

Realistic Dead Tree Tattoos

Realistic tattoo designs are one of the toughest styles of tattoo designs that the tattoo artists can do. It takes a lot of effort and extremely carefully done details to ink a realistic tattoo. The results are remarkable though and that’s why it’s worth getting these tattoo designs.

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You can get a realistic tattoo of just a dead tree with no leaves and detailed branches like the picture above. You can also add a few more elements to make the tree tattoo designs cooler or more meaningful.

Dead Tree And Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoo ideas have many different meanings according to the type of flower included in the tree tattoo designs. Such as roses represent love, friendship, hope, while a Daffodil represents new beginnings, rebirth, and more. Flowers also soften the any tattoo design. You can choose any particular flower for your tattoo.

Dead Tree And Flower Tattoos
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The picture above shows a tattoo of a Rose with a pocket watch above and a picture of a dead tree in the pocket watch. The rose and clock along with the dead tree in this design indicates new beginnings.

Dead Tree And DNA Tattoos

One of the many popular dead tree tattoo designs is the one where the trunk of the tree gets divided and swirls around to make the shape of a DNA. The meanings vary, but the basic meaning is even if you die, your DNA still stays and your lineage continues. A dead family tree symbolizes family, and our connection through DNA with them even if we lose them.

Dead Tree And DNA Tattoos
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The picture above is of two dead tree tattoo designs. The one on the left is of a simple dead tree, but the right one contains a design of a dead tree whose swirling trunk turns into the shape of a DNA. It surely looks amazing.

Dead Tree And Skeleton Tattoos

Dead tree tattoo designs and skeleton tattoo designs have similar symbolism. In addition to that, both these tattoo designs look best in shades of black and grey. That’s why it’s pretty easy for tattoo artists to come up with a gorgeous tattoo combining these two elements.

Dead Tree And Skeleton Tattoos
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You can get a tattoo of a skeleton coming out of the trunk of a dead tree as if it’s a part of the tree, like the picture above. You can also get a tattoo of only the skull combined with a dead tree. Whichever dead tree tattoo you choose, they will of course look good.

Dead Tree And Heart Tattoos

Among many dead tree tattoo designs, one common design is the one where a heart is incorporated with the roots of a dead tree. The heart can be a lively one or a dead one. It basically means the roots are the heart of the tree, it breathes life into the tree and the cycle of life will go on even if the tree loses all its leaves and the branches are dead, it will be reborn.

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The picture above shows a dead tree tattoo design and a heart is beneath the tree where the roots go into it and get out of it keeping the life of the tree still somehow alive with it.

Half-dead Half-alive Tree Tattoos

There are many meanings to a half-dead, half-alive tree tattoo and they all depend on what the wearer wants to express. It might mean that the tree is on the verge of death, yet trying to hold on to life, or that it is coming back to life from the grasp of death. The symbolism behind it could alson be yin and yang where there exists both good and bad in everything.

Half-dead Half-alive Tree Tattoos
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The picture above is of a half-dead, half-alive tree tattoo and the grim reaper is probably the one causing the tree’s death as he’s sitting and reading a book, leaning on the side of the tree where the bare branches of the tree can be seen and the leaves have fallen.

Terrorizing Dryad Tattoos

A dryad is a fictional creature from ancient Greek mythology, who was believed to be the tree spirit or tree nymph, specifically spirit of the oak trees. This oak tree spirit could be of any form, either sacred or evil according to the beliefs of people of different cultures around the world. Dryad tattoo ideas can be done both on dead and alive trees and a strong and deep connection with nature is .

Terrorizing Dryad Tattoos
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The picture above shows a black and grey arm tattoo of an evil dryad incorporated with a dead tree. Dead trees can look amazing for horror-based fun tattoos, so you can easily come up with different versions of evil dryad tattoo ideas.

Tree Of Life Tattoos

The tree of life is a part of ancient Norse mythology and religion. The tree of life is considered sacred in many parts of the world. Tree of life tattoos symbolize life itself. The roots and branches of the tree spread across in a way that it makes a circle. The circle symbolizes the cycle of life, strength, growth of a person, and more.

Tree Of Life Tattoos
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The picture above is of a black and grey tree of life tattoo made up of a dead tree where the bare branches and the roots are making a full circle and a full moon is shining in the middle.

We hope you got the answers for your question, where to find dead tree designs for a tattoo and what does a tattoo of a dead tree mean from our list above. You can also go for some other designs, like a full dead tree tattoo body art, birds flying away from the falling leaves of a dead tree, or of a dead palm tree tattoo. Choose your favourite and get inked.

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