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Be an inspiration among your mates by inking some awe-inspiring birdcage tattoos. Check out some of these brilliant birdcage tattoo ideas!

birdcage tattoo
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Birdcage has many symbolic elucidations, other than just owing the term confinement.

There is an immense duality behind the ideas of an open birdcage and a bird trapped inside a cage. Choose your relatable tattoo inspiration to symbolize how your life has been.

Birdcage tattoos have different symbolic meanings. A closed bird cage with a bird trapped symbolizes confinement or how you’re trapped inside a bubble. There are many situations where you want to be yourself, but for stereotypical reasons, you can’t. An open birdcage or an empty bird cage symbolizes freedom and hope, or how you’ve stood for yourself to follow your dreams. A bird flying from an open cage also denotes how everyone wants to take a temporary leave from all the responsibilities and the hustle and bustle. The total cost depends on where you want the tattoo, design, colors, and highlights.

Birdcage Tattoo Designs With Twists

birdcage tattoo designs with twists
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Cages are made for confinement. In this bird cage tattoo, a love sign is confined. It symbolizes possessiveness, lack of trust and freedom, cruelty, or a sad relationship. It may also mean how your self-love has put you behind bars from expressing yourself. It may also depict how you want to be enclosed with your lover forever and be far away from reality and your insecurities. The flower also depicts the purity of your love.

You can choose this bird cage tattoo idea if you feel confined or if you want to feel confined with your love. Express your true feelings through your tattoos. If you’re still on the verge of knowing yourself, then also this tattoo inspiration is the best suit for you. You can add more shapes or forms to suit your personality. Choose your favorite color to pump it up more.

Closed Birdcage Tattoo Designs

closed birdcage tattoo designs
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This type of beautiful birdcage tattoo tells a lot about a person. This tattoo symbolizes confinement within one’s thoughts. Caged within one’s boundaries, insecurities, and lack of self-appreciation. Often people tend to be in their comfort zone, forgetting what more they can do. They often forget about their true potential. Many, after years of self-depreciation, try to free themselves from these torments to show the world what they can do.

If you’ve fought severe depression and anxiety, then get this tattoo inked on to show the world the level of struggle you have put in to achieve the success you deserve right now. You can add more elements to elevate this Tattoo Design that will go well with your character. Bring out your color palette so that everyone knows about your true shades.

It is believed that tattoos promote a lot of energy that affects your chakras. Different patterns have different meanings, so choose your tattoo wisely.

Open Birdcage Tattoo Designs

open birdcage tattoo designs
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This tattoo screams the word ‘free’ and ‘liberty’. Apart from just being acknowledged as liberty, this tattoo does add a lot of traits to your personality. This birdcage tattoo depicts how a person, who has been captivated by the monotonous terms of society, has now gained the wisdom to set wings of knowledge free to enlighten others. This tattoo also symbolizes hope. The monochrome color black is perfect for minimalist and aesthetic worshipers.

You can ask your tattoo artist to carve out the shape of the bird cage as you like. The shape does depict a lot about your current mind. You can also add a lot about your current mind. You can add a lot of elements to your tattoo, like flowers, branches, and much more. Ink it black because simple things portray the best complexities.

Beautiful Birdcage Tattoos

beautiful birdcage tattoos
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A lot of people witness oppression or a constant feeling of being captivated in their own homes. There is a saying, “Too much of something can make things worse”. Parents love their kids more than anything. They want to protect their kids from all the hardships that they have faced. But during this, they forget how these things are important for their child to build up their character. That constant feeling of being captivated rather makes the relationship between a child and parents a bit too sour. Breaking these bondages to explore and learn more is very necessary for a child so that they can withstand subsequent challenges thrown by life.

You can add a lot more bright colors to pump the tattoo up. Choose your lucky zodiac colors so that they can enhance your personality, luck, and energy positively. A positive surge in your spirituality can affect your chakras. Also, add a lot of elements, like flowers and stars, to add more character to your birdcage tattoo.

Ribcage Tattoos

ribcage tattoos
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Ribcage has a lot of significance in spiritual terms. Personal strengths and the center of all emotional liabilities are what the rib cage denotes. One of the most painful parts of the body to get inked on also says a lot about endurance and prolificacy. This birdcage tattoo also denotes how a person lets go of a person they love and adore. Sometimes, letting go is the best rather than holding onto something which is not worth it. The bird and the flowers growing on the dead carcass symbolize innocence and spring, which may again bring positivity and happiness.

You can go for a black ink bird cage tattoo and choose a color for the flowers, leaves, and bird that contradicts the monochrome. You should ink this on if you have struggled a lot due to past relationships, but now you are well stable. You can also ink this if you have embraced the new you.

Ink Black Bird Cage Tattoo

ink black bird cage tattoo
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The black-inked bird cage tattoo with a tint of bright color is an absolute choice for a person who has gone through a lot. Being born in a stereotypical society to being a person who has reached the zenith of their success but still loves their home and has a lot of respect for their hometown is what this tattoo talks about. The shadows and the blunt streaks talk about the deep thoughts inside the memory lane. This tattoo also denotes how a person craves a temporary leave from their responsibilities.

You can choose the highlight according to your preference to brighten up your life. The tattoo does affect your mental well-being in a lot of ways. Feel confident with your choice by setting a new level of the trend among your friends.

Vibrant Bird Cage Tattoo

vibrant bird cage tattoo
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This bird cage tattoo sets up a dual meaning. Either it talks about how you see the “liberated you” from the beautiful cage created by your homesickness or how you love a person belonging to a different bubble. The beautiful light teal color symbolizes clear thought and good communication. It is also the color of truth and faith. The flower symbolizes innocence, freshness, love, life, passion, fragility, youth, beauty, and pleasure. Birds represent freedom and eternity. Jewelry symbolizes faith, beliefs, and protection.

You can add more elements to your liking, or you can cut off some details. Ask your tattoo artist to add the color of your choice, and express yourself through your tattoo art.

Amazing Birdcage Tattoo Ideas

amazing birdcage tattoo ideas
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This birdhouse tattoo talks a lot differently than the other ones. This marvelous piece of art depicts how a person conquers their fears and attains success. This tattoo depicts how a person overcomes their fears and insecurities by fighting and daily mending themselves for their better version. Conquer your dreams by expressing your true potential.

Ink this tattoo if you are determined and strong. Nothing can crush you. You can alter this tattoo by choosing just a monochrome. Ink this black on your arm and give highlights and forms using different shades of black. Add more earthly elements to express your feelings lucidly

Free Birdcage Tattoo Design

Free Birdcage <a href=Tattoo Design” class=”wp-image-341263 lazyload” width=”780″ height=”780″ data-eio=”p” src=”” decoding=”async” data-/>
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This bird cage tattoo purely talks about a person’s high hopes and ambitions. Being ambitious is a boon to your career. Spreading the wings of your idea and executing it in the right way will certainly lead you to your ultimate goal. Also, flowers depict fragility, love, peace, and spring, and it may also say how a person wants to be in love or how a person chooses love for their temporary escape from reality. The bluebird denotes that a person should always stand out from the rest.

As mentioned earlier, use your favorite color to highlight. It will increase your spiritual energy and enhance your chakras. A meaningful tattoo also revives you from your mental state.

Amazing Colorful Birdcage Tattoos

amazing colorful birdcage tattoos
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This amazing bird cage tattoo idea has a lot to say about the person who chooses this to ink on. The bright colors represent serenity, love, joy, happiness, youth, success, faith, clear communication, optimism, truth, spring, purity, and many more. The bird cage hanging on a tree branch seeks validity and shows how birds are happy to be free. They are the wonders of nature who are meant to be free to show humanity the meaning of freedom and liberty. They fly high up in the sky, which expresses high ambitions.

You can get this inked either on your two hands or your back. This tattoo says how you have grown into a wonderful character by setting up your own goals and ideas.

Always ask your tattoo artist to give the best ideas so that you can express yourself well. Choose better colors to enhance your shades of personality. If you’re worried about the best place to get a birdcage tattoo inked, Los Angeles, South Korea, and Brisbane have great tattoo studios that make wishes turn into reality. Ink your imagination to showcase to the world your talents and strength. Some more suggestions for birdcage tattoos to satiate your taste buds –

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