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A Scoop Neck t-shirt can be tricky business. Even without trying intentionally (or maybe you are), wearing the wrong scoop neck size and length  can look like you have just walked out of the Geordie Shore house. Although this look can work for some people, we can all agree that the scoop neck isn’t the easiest to dress.

From the wide, low and crew, the scoop neck t-shirt can be found in a range of  variations, colours, and designs. With multiple purposes and the ability to be worn every season, the scoop neck should be your next essential purchase.

Top Scoop and Crew Neck T-shirts for Layering

Originated for layering, the Scoop and Crew Neck T-shirt has become one of the biggest staple pieces to any men’s wardrobe. Convenient and easily found on the highstreet, it’s the go-to item for the morning rush.

When you look for the best Crew/Scoop Neck to layer with and dress under, you are in need of three simple things. Comfort, simplicity, and quality. As they will be worn day in day out, a Scoop and Crew neck which can survive countless washes is important. So for that, we have found you the best scoop and crew necks you will need to be layering with this season.


So, if you are looking for a crew neck that ticks all the boxes, then Dickies Staple T-Shirt 3 Pack is the answer. Available in a packs of three in black and white, means you are not restricted to what shirt you layer these with. With a snug fit which isn’t too limited, provides easy movement when layered. All available at £29.90 this is your go to crew-set.

Calvin Klein

When your top layer has a lower collar, you will need a crew neck to which matches – and that is low enough to disguise. With Calvin Klein holding the title for underwear, it’s no doubt their crew neck t-shirts fulfil their spot for daywear. Available at £34.90 the Calvin Klein is simplistic, with still the benefit of branding. While the quality has been a dedicated focus on the construction of the Calvin Klein crew neck, it’s no doubt this will last you through the washes.

Top Wide Scoop Neck T-shirts

Also referred as the “boat neck”, wide scoop neck collars are your go to detail for when the summer months arrive. Often built to classic fit, loose and made for those slouchiest of days, the Wide Scoop Neck T-shirt is perfect for convenience. Simple to throw on with a slim jean, the Wide Scoop Neck elevates the grunge look effortlessly.


Available at a small amount of £8.00, Weekdays Wide Scoop Neck T-Shirts are built with quality and modern design in mind. The brand has proven to grow in the hype of athleisure, providing a contemporary design to all of their basic t-shirts, including the Wide Neck. The light fabric is perfect to layer with a structured jacket or even to throw under a sweatshirt without restricted the restricted movement.

Available in black and white, the Weekday Wide Scoop neck is another seasonless essential and easy to cooperate with additional patterns and textures.

Label Lab

Constructed for slimmer body types, Label Lab is the one of few to provide the Wide Scoop Neck with a Slim Fit body. At a price of £19.90, the slimmer fit can provide a snugger shape than most Wide Scoop Necks, creating an elongated yet broader body shape. Ideal if you are wanting to show off your upper arm and torso assets simultaneously.

How to Wear Wide Scoop Neck T-Shirts

Common to fall on the body with a baggier fit, Wide Scoop Neck T-Shirts can be worn oversized. Ideal for summer festivals, gigs and places where are you battling the heat, the Wide Scoop Neck provides maximum movement around the shoulders.

For the rise in temputares and the aim to keep comfortable, we recommend partnering the t-shirt with a pair of slim jean shorts. While there is still a lot of space to play with around your neck and head, add to the look with a snapback or cap. Then, to finish the look completely throw on a pair of low top trainers. This outfit build works best with a classic fit t-shirt as opposed to a slim fit.

If you are wearing a block colour Wide Scoop Neck, experiment with your look further and layer with an open patterned shirt. The wide neck of the t-shirt creates symmetry within the outfit, preventing the shirt or the t-shirt to look out of place.

The beauty of the wide-neck collar means you can layer without a peak of the t-shirt underneath. This makes the t-shirt easy to pair with a sweatshirt if you are wanting to elongate your figure, or to even create a layered look without too much of a focus around the collar.

If you are wanting to get involved with the Athleisure trend, layer the wide neck t-shirt with a sweatshirt. This will create a layered shape with a prime focus on the bottom hems of the sweatshirt and t-shirt. Pair the combination with a simple straight leg trouser  and trainers. Fold the cuffs of the trousers to create more a box silhouette shape, fitting with the heaviness of the sweatshirt.

Top Low Scoop Neck T-Shirts

The Low Scoop Neck T-shirt is the versatile essential for your wardrobe. If you are needing a t-shirt to under layer with your buttoned shirt, then Low Scoop Neck has you covered. It’s seasonless, convenient, and the ultimate item with endless uses. With the low collar shape, it’s the t-shirt to elongate your height.

However, dressing the Low Scoop neck isn’t always easy – and when it does go wrong, it goes WRONG. We don’t want you to look like you ‘love yourself’ and workout every hour, nor do we want the neckline to look out of place. So for that, we have nailed together the Low Scoop Neck T-shirts you are needing right now – and importantly how you are going to wear them.


To begin, leading the product line for Low Scoop Necks is Religion. The East London label dating back to the 90’s has thrived off the grunge ethos with timeless designs and direction. Greyscale, monochromes and delicate palettes, Religion is the go-to brand for your low scoop neck.

Designs ranging from minimalistic to print, with the iconic embroidered logo – there is a low scoop neck available for day and night. Available at £25.00, Religion’s low scoop necks come in a range of colours, suited for outfit builds, layering and also to be worn alone.

All Saints

Like Religion, All Saints stands by for its independence and free spirit for design and aesthetic. With long-lasting quality which can be layered and worn alone without the fuss, All Saints Low Scoop Neck has proven to be a staple item for your basics. Priced at £28.00, the All Saints Low Scoop neck is available in a range of muted colours which are easy to integrate for this year’s Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

Additionally, with that, we are definitely not spoilt for choice. With the choices of U-Scoop and Tonic Scoop, each of the designs is available in classic/regular and slim fits, accompanying every body shape and providing maximum comfort and movement.

How to Wear Low Scoop Neck T-Shirts

The Low Scoop neck is easy to dress casually with a simple pair of jeans and accessories. We recommend a baggier fit for the Low Scoop Neck, so the fabric drapes lightly over you pecks and chest. Without your top half looking too oversized, pair the t-shirt with a relaxed jean keeping the comfortable look consistent. Lastly, complete the outfit with a pair of Timberland boots. The chunky boot shape is the perfect contrast with the light fabric of the t-shirt.

If the weather get’s a bit colder, add to the look with a loose hoodie or jersey jacket.

If you are wanting to create a timeless, grunge look then pair the t-shirt with a slim jean. Again, this look can work with an oversized t-shirt size. Add to the slim jean and t-shirt with structured leather Jacket. The tailored shape creates the contrast between the jacket and the t-shirt, limiting the t-shirt looking too slouchy and relaxed.

Celebrities Wearing Scoop Necks

Being timeless throughout the years, the Scoop neck collar is still a popular shape amongst celebrities globally. With its maximum movement and comfort, we don’t blame them! Regularly seen on the likes of Ryan Gosling, Harry Styles and Jude Law, it’s definitely a favourite for the wardrobe.

Don’t Forget The Fit

Whatever collar shape you choose to go for, remember t-shirt fit is just as important. Always keep in mind, structure and shape of the t-shirt can dramatically change how the scoop neck sits on the body.

  • Classic/Regular fit – fits all body types, one of the most common fits for Wide Scoop Neck.
  • Slim Fit – Ideal for the slimmer, taller body types. However, if you want to elongate your torso with this fit, then go for the Low Scoop Neck.
  • Oversized fit – Perfect for all body types and made for comfort. This look can work between both Wide and Low Scoop Neck collars.

How to wear The Scoop Neck T-shirt

  • It’s okay to show a little chest hair, but not too much
  • Remember the scoop neck shouldn’t fall lower than 10cm.
  • You can easily go for the rough and raw look. With how relaxed the low and wide scoop neck shapes are, take advantage. You can literally just roll out of bed.
  • Never too tight. When wearing a wide or low scoop neck, don’t go for a t-shirt which resembles your second skin.

On That Note

Low, wide or even crew, we all need a t-shirt with multiple uses. It’s a staple essential to our wardrobe which is filtered in and out of our outfits every day. Investing in a range of scoop neck’s into your wardrobe can be beneficial all around – especially for those last minute rushes. To whatever assets you are wanting to show off, the low, wide and crew will always have its individual benefits and absolutely have you covered – all year round.

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