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In this world full of classic lumberjack shirts, which one is right for you? Curated Mint is here to break it down for you. From colour to cut, we’ll make sure you find the perfect lumberjack style shirt for you.

The beauty about the lumberjack shirt, otherwise known as a plaid or a flannel, is that they are perhaps one of the most versatile and ubiquitous patterns of clothing one could own in modern fashion. Adopted by all designer brands no matter how high or low end, they have the ability to be dressed up or down and provide functionality and durability.

No other item of clothing has seemed to have been worn by rail workers to hipsters, lumberjacks to gangsters and cowboys to the most generic of people – crossing all social boundaries and global cultures. A lumberjack is made by intertwining cotton thread that meets at right angles. This adds weight and most importantly warmth, which couldn’t be more appropriate as now we are approaching feeling the colder months.

Top 7 Lumberjack Shirts

We, at Curated Mint, have put together five of the best shirts for you. You could add them into your layering process, throw a sweater or a hoody on top or wear them on their own. You can find these shirts in quite a few different colours. This means you’ll be able to style them with almost anything you own.

1. Only & Sons Tristan Check Shirt

This ONLY & SONS Tristan Check Shirt in grey combines muted down grey and beige colours with highlights of red. Because this T-shirt is so toned down, it will work perfect layered over a grey or white T-shirt, and will even look great worn on its own. Pair this shirt with a pair of black jeans and some clean white trainers.

only & sons tristan check shirt grey

2. Heavily Brushed Check Shirt White

Black and white is a classic combination that is guaranteed to go with any outfit without causing a blinding clash of colour. A Heavily Brushed Check Shirt has a regular fit and is detailed with a curved hem. Due to the shirt being monochrome, you’ll have some room for a touch of colour for this outfit. Go for a pair of blue jeans and finish the look off with a pair of boots.

heavily brushed check shirt white

3. Long Sleeve Check Shirt Navy

If you’re after a bit of an alternative to the norm, this Long Sleeve Check shirt should be your go-to option. Where classic lumberjack shirts tend to feature two clashing colours, this muted, two-toned variation brings a contemporary touch to the piece. This style looks great with a pair of dark blue or black jeans for a put-together look.

long sleeve check shirt navy

4.Heavily Brushed Check Shirt

Made from a thick but soft cotton, this is a classic lumberjack shirt at its best, with the red and black wide-spread pattern giving a casual finish, and the slim fit ensuring you look sharp and put together. Breathable cotton means you can wear it summer or winter, and easily wear it on its own, or layered up over a simple T-shirt.

heavily brushed check shirt red men lifestyle

5. Edwin Labour Shirt Flannel Cotton Check White/Black

This clean finish and varied thicknesses in prints gives this shirt a flattering, streamlined look that helps elongate the body, and is easily matched with a variety of outfits. Sticking to muted, monotone colourways is ideal if colour matching isn’t your strong point, as it will work perfectly with any colour denim or T-shirt if you fancy layering in colder months.

edwin labour shirt black mens

6. Pocket Flannel Shirt Burgundy

Sticking to classically lumberjack colours, this flannel shirt by the Pocket Flannel Shirt is the perfect addition to any casual wardrobe. Dark blue tones make the shirt perfect for pairing with raw selvedge denim for a nod to the heritage look, while the skewed pockets add another dimension to the shirt’s aesthetic. It’s all in the detail after all.

pocket flannel shirt burgundy mens

7. TTextured Check Shirt Blue & Green

The soft, brushed texture of this checked shirt by Curated Mint is perfect for the colder months ahead – and when function looks this good, it’s hard to resist. If bright colours aren’t your thing, the autumnal blues and greens in this shirt are a great alternative, whilst the curved hem and chest pockets add a touch detailing to the staple piece.

textured check shirt blue & green mens

With such a simple template for a shirt, many variations have spawned. Lumberjack style shirts come in all colours of the rainbow. Some are long sleeve, some are short. With so many options, which one’s right for you? What should you wear it with?

Lumberjack Shirt

But what’s so great about the lumberjack style? Well, the flannel design and “floaty” cotton material make every outfit look effortless. They’re an easy style of top that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and how you feel that day.

Lumberjack shirts can be purchased a couple sizes larger than you would usually wear for the modern, oversized look. This is an extremely casual and comfortable outfit. Alternatively, lumberjack shirts that fit you well – like a slim fit, for example – can add to an overall look that’s smart casual and perfect for everyday occasions.

The shirts are classically in a male style however they’ve become largely become popular with women, making them a great unisex shirt. People like them a lot as they’re very adaptable, colourful and comfortable.

mens lumberjack overshirt black jeans

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How to Wear a Lumberjack Shirt for Men

  • Rolling your sleeves up can completely transform a flannel shirt
  • Different coloured patterns require different coloured trousers and shoes
  • Slim fit shirts can look very trendy and oversized looks casual
  • Shirt too fitted? Wear it open with a plain, white T-shirt underneath
  • Lumberjack shirts can be formal too if you stick to the darker ones
  • Dickies make the best quality lumberjack shirts

black and white lumberjack shirt

On That Note

Feeling brave enough to buy a lumberjack flannel shirt now? There’s absolutely no need to be hesitant as the style is a staple in most men’s wardrobes and it’s almost impossible to make the shirt look bad. Give it a whirl and you might end up on our Men’s Street Style page. Keep our guide in mind when buying a lumberjack shirt. Ideally, you’ll want to find a shirt that’s versatile that you can wear in any situations, simply by changing the sleeves or wearing different trousers.

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