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Are you thinking about different ways to wear your navy blazer, but not quite sure how to go about it? Check out this style guide on what to wear with a navy blazer.

Every guy should know what to wear with a navy blazer. The reason being that this piece of clothing is so handy – you can pair it with various things you already own and come off looking perfectly stylish.

Originally designed to keep rowers warm, the blazer has come a long way and is now a staple in any man’s wardrobe, particularly navy, as it can be teamed with anything you already have. There are so many pieces you can rock with a navy blazer, so master the trend with our quick guide.

Navy Blue Blazer

A men’s blue blazer easily makes an impressively classic outfit that falls just short of a suit on the formality scale.

A pair of slim-fitted grey suit trousers is the perfect choice to start off your formal look. It will look smart and decent, without drawing too much attention to them. Next, you’ll need a good quality white button-down oxford shirt. White is a smart choice for this shirt because of its light colour. It will contrast handsomely with your navy blazer. Finish off your look a tie – preferably a striped one with at least two colours – this will enhance your formal look with something colourful.

Deciding what shoes to wear will be your next challenge, but the choice is actually a no-brainer. Classic brown or black brogue shoes are the best choice.

Casual Blazers for Men

It’s very easy to rock a smart casual look by using your trusty navy blazer. Versatility is part of what’s so great about a navy jacket. For instance, the same blazer that you wear as part of a suit in a formal setting can equally be used in a more casual ensemble.

To begin: put on a pair of slim fit tan chinos. These aren’t as formal as suit trousers, but will make you look smart. Next, to go with a casual blazer,  you’ll need a good polo shirt; grey is a great colour. The polo shirt looks smart with its buttons and collar, but it also leans towards casual because of its short sleeves, bringing your look back to smart casual. For shoes you want to go casual – fresh white trainers will do the trick. Finally your navy blazer will bring this smart casual look together splendidly.

Men’s Velvet Blazer

Are you going to some swanky parties where you want to stand out from the crowd in a stylish way? If so, then wearing a navy velvet blazer can really make your outfit pop. Although wearing velvet can seem rather daunting, if done correctly, it can produce a refined and stylish look.

Velvet blazers are generally reserved for more formal events like ball’s or black tie parties. Therefore, they can look great with a traditional white dress shirt and bow tie. If your blue velvet blazer has got a bit of black trim, on the lapels for instance, this will go even better.

Combine your blazer with a white dress shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black dress suit pants for a classic refined look that has a modern stylish twist. Finish the look with some high shine black leather shoes.

Although Velvet blazers are generally worn for more formal events, you can still wear it in a more smart casual way. For instance, if you’re going for a sophisticated look – throw on a good quality roll neck jumper under your navy blazer. You can grab this roll neck in white, black or grey for the best results.

This is an impressively distinguished winter look that will keep you warm, while showing off your navy blazer. Rock some slick grey trousers with a fitted finish to fully bring out your inner aristocrat.

This look already has a lot of formal elements so you can feel free to go slightly more casual with your shoes. Some black slip-on loafers is the perfect choice to finish off this look. Don’t forget your navy blazer.

Linen Blazer

Navy blazers don’t have to be limited to formal outfits – it can also distinguish a casual summer look. One of the best ways to achieve this is with a linen blazer. Linen is a light material made from the fibers of flax plants. Although it is notoriously long to produce, it’s famous for its light and breathable nature. This therefore makes it an excellent material for summer clothing, and blazers for men in particular, can benefit from it.

A linen blazer may be a bit pricier than some of the more cheap blazers for men out there, but it’s definitely worth it when you want a stylish summer look.

Start off by throwing on some faded blue denim shorts. The faded denim will contrast well with the dark colour of the navy blazer.

The next step in your laid back summer look is a lively polo shirt. But only opt for elements of navy – it shouldn’t be completely navy. You want your polo shirt to have at least two colours. It can also be patterned or have logos to add a pop of colour to your look.

You can perfectly finish off this look with some good black trainers with leather detailing. Or go for some brightly coloured trainers that match with the colours of your polo shirt.

If this is just a little bit too casual for you, then don’t worry, there are other more formal outfits that you can wear with a linen blazer.

Try wearing some light cream chinos with a loose fitting oxford shirt. This will give you a more formal look, whilst still retaining the relaxed summer atmosphere that you want your outfit to give off. You can wear a tie if you want to, but it will still look great without. Finish the look by cuffing  your chinos and by wearing some brown loafers or boat shoes without socks.

Sports Jacket

Much like a linen blazer, a sports jacket is a great way to wear a blue jacket in a more casual and summery way. Sports jackets differ from normal suit blazers in several distinct way. Originally, sports jackets were only worn by extremely wealthy people, and men that played sports like shooting and polo. However, times have changed and the sports jacket is now a classic and stylish part of men’s fashion.

Sports jackets are also more versatile than other blazers due to the wide variety of materials, patterns and styles that  they come in. Making them perfect for any summer occasion, sports coats are generally a more deconstructed equivalent of a suit jacket, .

the large selection of sports jackets means that the possible outfits that you can create is more or less endless. But, how about taking a general light cotton navy sports jacket, combining it with a plain white T-shirt and some light coloured shorts. If you add some leather loafers or espadrilles you’ll have a great summer outfit with a formal aspect.

The Laid Back Winter Navy Blazer

Creating a laid back winter look with your navy blazer is surprisingly simple. All you need are some good quality casual pieces that also have the feature of keeping you warm.

Nothing says ‘laid back’ quite the way that jeans do. Start off your laid back winter look with some off black or grey jeans. It’s better to keep away from dark blue jeans because those tend to clash with your navy blazer.

Next you can throw on a simple t-shirt or polo shirt in black, white or grey. You can wear a long sleeved shirt as well – it all depends on how cold it is. A lively patterned or colourful crew neck jumper will be the perfect second layer for this handsome laid back look. Jumpers have always been stately staples in men’s wardrobes – they can easily enhance your casual winter outfit.

Finish off this look by grabbing some blue plimsolls which will pair nicely with your navy blazer.

Accessorised Navy Blazer

One of the easiest accessories you can add to your navy blazer is an interesting pocket square. The pocket square is a stately way you can express yourself, and the design and colour of the pocket square is completely up to you.

Another way to easily accessorise your navy blazer is with a scarf. A scarf also serves you well when it’s cold out. A good watch also goes well with a navy blazer, as does a good quality backpack or messenger bag.

In more formal outfits you can also experiment with different patterned ties, and switch from regular ties to skinny ties for a little something extra. Sunglasses will also make a good accessory for navy blazers – especially in more casual outfits.

Your Quick Guide on Versatile Ways to Wear your Navy Blazer

  • Make sure you know your body shape and size. Although it seems obvious, if you don’t know how to find a blazer in the right size you won’t be able to wear it with anything. You can’t beat a well fitted blazer.
  • For a classic look, wear your navy blazer with a pair of grey trousers with a white button down shirt and some brogues. This is a great smart look that’s not too formal.
  • Dress down. Wear your navy blazer with a polo shirt, some chinos, and some white trainers for a more casual and stylish look.
  • Dress up with velvet. Wearing a velvet blue blazer is a perfect alternative to a dinner jacket. Wear it with a white dress shirt, a bow tie, and some black trousers for a great formal and stylish outfit.
  • Experiment with material. With sport jackets becoming increasingly fashionable you have the perfect excuse to try out different styles of jacket. To be more adventurous than your standard cotton jacket, how about a slim fit blazer in linen or tweed?
  • Accessorize. Wearing accessories is a great way to add some stylish detail to your men’s blazer. Try adding a pocket square or a tie for a more formal look.

On That Note

Now that you know exactly what you can wear with your navy blazer, you can bag yourself one without any hesitation. If you already have a men’s blazer jacket – good for you – take it out of the closet and wear it with confidence. The timeless navy blazer will not be leaving the top of the style charts any time soon.

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