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So, you may have got the chat to get them on a date in the first place, but have you got the skills to keep them coming back for more? This guide will take you through the biggest mistakes that men make on dates whilst advising you on how to strongly avoid making them.

First Date Advice For Men

Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking, so we’re here to give you the top tips on how to successfully up your game so you can be assured that a second date is in the cards. Sometimes, it’s not about knowing what to do but more about knowing what not to do that will help you out the most. There are plenty of different date situations where different forms of conduct are deemed as acceptable, but as a rule of thumb, there are and always should be some rules that you should always adhere to – no matter what date scenario. From knowing how not to act on a date, you are much more likely to secure the second one, so, read on for our best first date advice.

First Date Outfit

Our best advice for a first date starts with the outfit. Knowing what to wear on a first date is essential and lucky for you, we have covered this in great depth. However, now is not the time to talk about what you should be wearing, but instead, what you shouldn’t be wearing. The key things to avoid wearing on a first date include sportswear, casual hats and overly tight jeans. Sportswear makes you look like you haven’t made an effort or that you don’t care about the first impression you give. People like to think that they are worth making the effort for – it’s an attractive quality. Wearing a hat may be ok on a very casual first date, but generally, this should be avoided. If you can be bothered to secure a first date, be bothered to do your hair for it. Overly tight jeans are fine once you are a little more comfortable with each other, but seeing too much too soon could come off a little desperate and might make you look like you’re only there for one thing.

Other items that should be avoided on a first date include ties (bowties are even worse). If you need to wear a suit, unless stated, go without a tie. If the dress code is smart, please just wear black jeans a shirt – a full-on suit is just unnecessary. It should go without saying that any men’s open shoes should go on the no-go first date attire list. Nobody wants to see anyone’s toes on a first date. It’s just weird.

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General Rules of a First Date

You might be excited about your prospective date, but that doesn’t mean that all basic expectations of human interaction should be forgotten about. We’re talking your basic mannerisms that might seem second nature but are actually the crux of what will secure you that all-important second date.

Firstly, manners. For crying out loud, don’t forget your please’s and thank you’s. We want to be able to take you home to our grandmothers, and Lord knows they appreciate a bit of common courtesy. Secondly, chivalry might seem like a bit of an outdated notion these days, but maybe tip your hat to it once in a while. Some women don’t necessarily want the door held open for them (we can definitely manage it on our own), but it’s nice to offer, right?

Then we come to the much-debated subject of whether you should pay on the first date. Now, taking a girl for dinner on the first date isn’t necessarily the best idea – if you’re not into the girl, you definitely won’t be wanting to pay for the whole thing, and that can just be a seriously awkward scenario to approach. Best to just avoid, we say. If you’re instead going for drinks, it’s just polite to offer to get the first round in. After that, judge the vibes. As we said, it’s 2018 and women are actually a lot more willing to buy you a drink than you might think. Just show willing, that’s all we ask. None of that ‘right, your turn is it, love?’ after necking your pint. We would have probably offered anyway, but it’ll be a begrudging trip to the bar for us after that comment.


Don’t Have Sex on a First Date

Here is our sex on a first date advice. If sex is the only thing on your mind, is there really much point going to all of that effort to get the first date just to get it and go? Equally, if you’re going to a lot of effort to go on the first date, don’t just sleep with them straight away. All that will do is turn the whole situation into something it probably should be, and you’re much less likely to be taken seriously for it. A lot of friends might egg you on and convince you that this should be the main goal of the date, however, friends can sometimes give bad first date advice, so don’t believe it all. If you feel you could have a future with the person, take things at a slow and comfortable pace. By all means, when it comes to our first date kiss advice, we say go for it. Learn your limits and you’ll be fine.

Tinder First Date Advice

It seems that these days, first dates most often come about when a dating app is involved. There are a lot of serial first daters out there, and these guys will have one up on you when it comes to charming the person you’re on a date with. So, follow our internet dating first date advice to compete with the big boys.

Remaining calm is the first rule you should follow. For god sake, please don’t turn up late, stressing and sweating a tonne. Give yourself enough time to get there and both mentally and physically prepare yourself. When you’re talking to your date, don’t talk too fast and rushed. Take your time and help them feel at ease in your company.

It should go without saying, but don’t turn up drunk. If your nerves really are getting the better of you, you could have a drink for some dutch courage as long as you know your limits. If you turn up drunk to a first date, regardless of whether it’s from a dating app or not, the other person will most likely have a terrible idea of who you are. To be frank, we wouldn’t actually be surprised if they made an excuse and left.

First dates can be so intense, especially when you have never met that person before. Sure, a Tinder profile can give you some information as to what someone looks like or what their personality is like, but until you meet them in person, you can never really know. The last thing anyone wants is to meet someone and find themselves in an intense situation with someone they simply aren’t in to. The best solution to this is to be careful about what you do on the first date. We would strongly recommend you stick to something laid-back such as go for drinks in a bar. This means you will be in a relaxed environment whilst being able to dress up well and not too casual. As we mentioned, our first date dating advice is to not to go for dinner. You may end up stuck there for so long and ultimately, it’ll cost you a fortune.

Finally, and most importantly, do not talk about other Tinder dates. Unless the other person asks and you get into that conversation, avoid it at all costs. It won’t make them feel good about themselves if they realise they are your 13th shot at the first date game. Equally, if you have your phone out (which you shouldn’t really have anyway), turn your dating app notifications right off. Can you imagine how awkward it would be if you were on a Tinder date and a Tinder message from another girl pops up?

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On That Note

First dates are no walk in the park, and in order to achieve the perfect first date, you should follow our strong advice on first dates. We talk through personal experience and much deliberation, so we like to think we are in a position to help you all out. By following these first date tips, you should secure yourself a next date and continue to date in confidence for a long time to come.

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