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Let’s face it, you probably own a lot of shirts. However, not all of them can look great with a grey suit. If you need to dress smart casual or for formal occasions you need to know the right dress code. Stay away from your simple black suit, and think grey. Since as you’ve probably heard by now, 50 shades of grey are popping! Here are our tips & tricks on how to wear grey shirts, grey suits, and make them into wearable smart casual wear.

What Color Shirt Goes Best With Light Grey Suits? Our Guide

Wondering what exactly you can and can’t match with your grey suit? A light grey suit is beautiful, especially when tailored to your body shape, and when worn with the right trousers & shoes. Your suit can also be worn in the winter when paired with some thick winter coats. However, there are some colors that you should avoid if you want to make your grey suit look cute 24/7. Look business professional and follow the dress code down below!

Top 5 Shirts Which You Need To Wear With Your Grey Suit

1. Grey Suit With A White Shirt

grey suit with a white shirt
@Bogdan Glisik via pexels

The most casual & easy to style color would be white. Your grey suit will look pretty simple & old-school, yet it will make you look sharp & professional. If you have a lean figure & you love to wear white polo shirts, this is the ideal combination for you. Both light gray and dark gray blazers can look good once paired up with a classic white shirt, or you can go for the suit with some A-line pants. Although it may not be the most daring combo, it is still for guys who love minimalistic outfits.

PS: Also wear a pair of cotton white socks underneath the outfit. Make sure your socks always (or at least most of the time) match your suit or your shirts.

2. Grey Suit With A Blue Shirt

grey suit with a blue shirt
@ANTONI SHKRABA via pexels

If you love to wear bright blue on a daily you can also combine it with your grey suit. This color is mostly worn by men who love to look bold, and who don’t mind standing out. Charcoal gray and some accessories such as a burgundy bag could also work well in this case. It is not the most formal outfit since it is a tad too bright, but it looks beautiful on men who love to wear casual shoes or sneakers & no ties to their job. However, you can pair it up with a beautiful watch & some darker pants & you will love your business-casual vibe. Stay away from any black or white colors and make sure your suit looks as mono-toned as possible.

PS: Stripes or checkered prints are a staple piece, you need to have them in your wardrobe since they will smarten up any attire.

3. Grey Suit With A Navy Blue Shirt

grey suit with a navy blue shirt
@Antony Trivet via pexels

A grey suit, when matched with a navy blue shirt, looks ideal for the office. Navy blue is the colour that you probably own in your closet and which you will be able to pair along with many different suits. It looks good with a ton of different tie combinations as well. This piece is timeless & looks beautiful even when worn with a wool jacket, or even a long cardigan! Navy blue shirts are easy to wear & style, just make sure you wear them with the perfect pair of brown shoes & a comfy suit on top. This look is formal & the suit itself will look beautiful on any body shape. Also, you probably won’t need to shop for any other key pieces since many colours go so well with a navy blue color.

PS: Consider some light pastels for the spring season and when it comes to this shade of grey.

4. Grey Suit With A Black Shirt

grey suit with a black shirt
@Mahdi Bafande via Unsplash

Linen grey suit usually looks amazing on a black shirt. Black shirts are the most typical and often go-to choice by both men & women. Although they are ”safe” formal wear, they are still something that makes you feel comfortable & shapes every figure. The black color is definitely the easiest to style & color coordinate but the look itself can sometimes look, unfortunately, boring. However, if you want to dress up formal and you want to make grey suit & black shirt work, here are our tips on how to achieve that:

  • Wear a tie which is the same black color as your shirt
  • Wear a pair of grey pants, just like the suit (not even a shade lighter or darker)
  • Make sure you wear high-quality black formal shoes
  • Make your suit stylish by going for a pocket square

This outfit can be a bit hard to recreate, but the easiest way to look cohesive is to purchase all of your items at one place. They will have the exact same black tones at the store which you’ll need to make your outfit work.

5. Grey Suit With A Pink Shirt

grey suit with a pink shirt
@Khalid Boutchich via Unsplash

If you are someone who usually only sticks to black & white suit combos, it may be time for you to step out of your comfort zone! On the other hand, if you are a fan of color, you will love to match pink & grey! This look is bold & daring, but it is also very fashion-forward. As long as you can wear some light & washed-out shoes, along with the right charcoal grey, you will look sharp. Although it may not be your ”traditional” suit option, it is still something that will ”suit” men who love the slim fit, and who are all about wearing bright outfits.

FAQ: How Do You Spice Up A Grey Suit: Top 4 Questions Answered

Q1: Can You Wear A Grey Shirt With A Grey Suit?

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@Mohamad Khosravi via Unsplash

One of the trickiest questions is this one. Many men aren’t too sure what is the right way to wear their suit, and what are some colour options which you need to avoid. So, if you want your grey suit to work with your grey shirt, here’s how you can achieve that:

  • Make sure you wear a dark monochrome grey suit on top, or opt for a medium grey hue
  • Your shirt should be 3-4 shades lighter than the suit itself
  • As long as your grey shirt is a washed out and almost like a white grey, you will be able to pull this off (but white dress shirts tend to look the best)
  • Wear a pair of brown shoes to give the outfit some dimension, and don’t forget a brown bag along with a brown belt
  • Stay away from black or white shoes since these aren’t flattering, always stick to a darker shade of brown

Q2: What Colours Should You Avoid When Wearing A Grey Suit?

  grey suit
@Mohamad Khosravi via Unsplash

There are numerous different shirts that can work with your grey suit, but we’ve listed the top 5 must-have options at the beginning. And if you are not a fan of wearing black & white, always know that you can wear pink, blue, navy blue and the right colored grey! However, there are some colours which won’t ”suit” anyone, and those are:

  • Red – it will make you washed out and will look so bad once contrasted next to anything white or gray. It usually looks great on black coats, with black shoes & black suits. Only consider a burgundy tie in this case and when going for this colour.
  • Purple – this is such a vibrant colour and it is the hardest to style. Purple only looks good with black, but it is also a bold statement choice for many. It is also not appropriate or as easy to pull off for daytime.
  • Green – if you are a fan of green you may enjoy wearing white pants & a beautiful leather belt. Green is often a go-to in the summer, but it should be avoided pairing up with both black & dark grey suit options.
  • Orange – if you are this daring to pair up grey & orange, who are we to stop you?! But if fashion Gods could give you tips they’d probably tell you to stay away from this suit disaster.

You can also opt for yellow, brown & beige shirts to match your suit. These colors can look beautiful with many different shoes, coats & grey suit combos.

Q3: What Do You Wear With A Grey Check Suit?

grey suit
@Ulrich Derboven via Unsplash

Are you a fan of black shirt combos on top of your grey check suit? If you love deep striped patterns & you are all about unusual fit, you will love a grey check suit. However, how about you put that black shirt aside and style your suit a different way? With the right tie, for instance?

  • Wear A Black Tie: Grey checked pattern will look amazing with a black tie. Shirt-wise, you can go for the previously mentioned washed-out grey solution. White would also look good, it’s totally up to you.
  • Wear A Red Tie: Red tie will break off the monochrome vibe. However, it will also age you. Men who love to wear coats & linen suits will love this combo. Opt for lighter grey suits for the ultimate ensemble.
  • Wear A Blue Tie: this is a beautiful outfit combo that guys love due to its unusual color choice. If you end up wearing a blue shirt underneath you will love this suit combo, as well as a plain white dress shirt.
  • Wear A Brown Tie: Brown tie on top of a grey check suit + a light blue shirt is a look in its own! If you love to wear brown shoes & you love to mix and match you will love this final look.
  • Wear A White Tie: White ties and grey prints do go hand in hand. However, there should be some hints of colour such as red or yellow which will give a bit of pop to the outfit. This can be through your watch, sunglasses, or your bag.

Q4: What Shirts to Wear With a Grey Suit?

grey suit
@Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash

When it comes to finding the perfect shirt to match with your grey suit luckily for you there are many different options which can ”suit” you. If you are going somewhere formal make sure you suit up and don’t forget that grey can look great with 5-7 different colours! Also, don’t forget to wear the perfect shoes and socks since they truly complete your look. Men who love to stand out will love the fact that grey suit can be matched with pink! So, ready to change your suit game? Make sure you let us know which combo is an absolute must for you! And try to stay away from black & white if you are trying to spice up your suit game, that’s just our advice. So, how do you make a grey suit look good? Aim for the right hues and mix and match till you find yourself ”the one”.

On That Note

Like we said before, there are many different tones of grey, but every man will dare to wear something else. As long as you follow some of our simple rules you will get the right look. In fashion, some shirts can look daring, while others will suit men who are all about black & white outfits and who love the simplicity of fashion. Neither is bad, just make sure you wear your suit with confidence, and you will get the right outcome.

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