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Choosing a pair of shorts to become your Summer staple can be a tricky task, as is picking out the shoes to wear with them. Once spring rolls around, everyone needs to invest in a pair of shorts and once you’ve got them sorted, it’s time to decide on footwear. We’ll be putting together a few combinations that will have you looking good all summer.

The Shorts

Chino Shorts

Probably the most popular and versatile choice, a pair of chino shorts are definitely your best option if you’re looking for something that can be worn throughout the warmer months no matter what the occasion. They come in every colour under the sun, although if you’re looking to wear them on a daily basis, it’s probably best to choose something fairly inoffensive. Smartened up with an Oxford shirt and a pair of loafers, you might be able to get away with wearing them to work; or dressed down with some slip ons and a T-Shirt they can be worn for an afternoon drink down the pub.

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Denim is another popular choice amongst those looking for a classic style that can be worn year after year. Whilst you might not be able to roll up to the office in them, you can definitely still dress them up for a working lunch with a button down shirt and a pair of slip ons. With so many washes available, you could grab yourself a few pairs and you’ll be set for the whole Summer. As for length, you’ll want to keep it above the knee to avoid giving everyone a horrible 90’s flashbacks, so a pair of roll-ups are a safe choice.

men shorts trainers summer outfit


If you want something that makes a bit more of a statement, then there are plenty of patterned shorts available; ranging from the subtle to the garish. They are a more risqué choice but as long as you keep the rest of your outfit basic then you’ll avoid any clashing patterns or colours.

men pattern shorts bike shoes

How to Style Shorts


If you’ve chosen a pair of chino shorts or other smart shorts, then loafers are a great way to keep things smart. A durable pair from a brand like G.H. Bass & Co. will be sure to last you the whole Summer even if you’re wearing them on a daily basis. If you want to switch things up with some slightly more casual footwear, then a pair of slip-ons will keep things informal whilst still allowing you to look well-dressed. A short-sleeved button down is your best option for smart summer wear, and a suede jacket can be thrown on once the evening chill hits.

tailored shorts men



Casual shorts for men are best styled with a pair of Converse or Novesta trainers. They’re guaranteed to keep you comfortable all day, and come in an array of colours; so if you are intimidated by the difficulty of keeping white trainers clean you need not panic. Boat shoes are a good option to take your look over to the evening if you want to add a hint of sophistication. Both of these looks can be finished off with a simple t-shirt and perhaps a bucket hat (whether you’re wearing it in an ironic fashion or not is up to you).

men shorts sneakers summer outfit


Beach Vibes

Tropical trunks can be teamed with a sturdy pair of Havaiana’s for a day of strolling down the beach sipping on an ice-cold beer. If you fancy braving your trunks in a more urban setting, then some woven slip-ons will provide you with some extra support. If you are going to be wandering away from the beach then it’s probably best to throw something on your top half (no matter how badly you want to show off the results of all those hours spent in the gym) and a vest is the best way to maintain those Summer vibes. A backpack and a snapback are both practical additions, and if you go for brands such as HUF and Herschel, they will help boost your style as well.


If you’re lucky enough to be spending part of your Summer lounging by the pool, or at least spending a few days on the Cornish coast, then you’re going to need a pair of trunks. A pair with a tropical print will certainly help you stand out from the crowd of sunbathers and could even be worn with a pair of sliders for a day in the city if you’re feeling brave. If you want something more subtle, a polka dot pair can be thrown on with a pair of flip-flops and worn for a laid-back look.

What to Wear with White Shorts

One rule when wearing white shorts is to avoid wearing a white T-shirt. Off-white is fine – as long as you avoid the same matching shade of white, you’ll avoid looking like you’re off to play tennis. For a safe yet stylish look, style a darker shirt with your white shorts and opt for a pair of loafers.

man in white shorts and loafers


Street Style

Boots might not be the first form of footwear that springs to mind when styling shorts, but if you choose the right pair then you can easily pull this look off. If your shorts are mid-thigh length, then a pair of sturdy boots from Dr Martens or Clark’s can be worn with some rolled-down socks; as long as you don’t have your socks pulled up to your ears, you’ll be alright. Converse Chuck Taylor high top trainers will also be a winning look.

converse what shoes to wear with shorts

Style Notes

The freedom that shorts give means that you can choose exactly how you’ll wear your outfit. There’s no reason why you can’t wear a jacket with shorts, the camo piece below shows how easy it is to make this get up look effortlessly good.

casual shorts outfit camo

What Shoes To Wear With Shorts

  • Pair chino shorts with smart loafers and a shirt for a more formal look
  • Invest in varying washes of denim shorts for diverse looks
  • Always keep short length above the knee
  • Boots and shorts look great together
  • A pair of Chuck Taylors and shorts is a winning look
man in beige shorts street style What Shoes To Wear With Shorts for men


On That Note

It’s time to go and grab yourself a couple of pairs of shorts, and some shoes to go with them. The options are pretty endless so there is something to suit everyone, and you’ll be able to keep your style fresh all Summer.

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