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Summer’s coming to an end, you’ve caught the tan, spent way more time than anticipated in the beer garden and now you’re sad that the sunny days are over. But don’t panic, as there are still a few weeks left, and for these you want to look good. Therefore, here’s what you should wear for the final few days.

You’ve had the best summer, you’ve rocked the shorts and polo look. You’ve worn your flip flops out from all the holidays and you’ve figured out how to stay cool while wearing trousers. You’ve basically nailed it. But it’s now all coming to the end and the weather’s starting to become a lot more temperamental. Can you still go out in shorts or are you going to need a light jacket to keep warm? The days will be the ones to tell, but you can plan ahead in some ways. We’ve got a few key pieces that we think will work best for the end of the summer. (Or for as long as we can hold on to it).

The Tops

We’ll start with the top half of your outfit. It’s not quite vest weather, and maybe even a T-shirt is pushing it a bit. Therefore what do you do? The suns still out but the breeze has picked up. If this is the case, an overshirt will be your saviour. You can mix and match with colours and patterns to still look fairly summery, while keeping your arms covered for when it starts to get a bit colder.

For those late summer evenings, you’re going to want to be comfortable and not shivering your way through the last pint. So even a long sleeved T-shirt will work well. You can wear this with a pair of Dickies work pants and a pair of trainers to get a cool, just thrown on kind of look. If you need a jacket then a coach jacket will fit in nicely.

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Your Trousers

If we’re honest, by the end of summer, you can’t really be walking around in shorts because your legs will be cold and you’ll get some looks. You need to face reality and accept the fact that the summer is coming to an end. You can, however, start to get out your jeans again. And this is good news! The much-loved jean is back and it’s time to wear it day to night.

You may have worn them occasionally over the summer but now’s your chance to fully enjoy them. If you pair them with a pair of trainers, or even loafers if you’re out in the evening, you’ll have a look that won’t leave you too hot or too cold. Depending on where you’re wearing them, your top half can change. A shirt for smart events, a casual T-shirt for the casual days and even a sweatshirt for when it gets windy. You can pair anything with your jeans, just make sure your top and shoes go hand-in-hand.

The All Important Jacket

This is the thing that separates summer from autumn. You know that the summer’s over when you have to start wearing your jacket again. The feeling of winter being on its way may give you a shiver down your spine, but before we race ahead to that, there are a few suitable jackets that’ll get you through the summer to autumn transition.

Coach jackets for one, are light and look fairly smart with their clean cut shape. Bomber jackets are of course a big favourite and you can get them in all different thicknesses. This means no matter what the weather may be, a bomber will do the job and look stylish. Lastly, if you still want to hold on to the full summer look, a denim jacket will be the one to go for. For some reason the denim jacket is always brought out when it gets hot. It’s casual but you can also wear it over a shirt when you go to the pub. It’s easy to wear and you can even try out double denim if you’re brave enough.

What to Wear for the Last Day of Summer

  • The summer’s coming to a close, and you can’t hold on to it forever. It’s time to get yourself a slightly warmer wardrobe.
  • T-shirts, both long and short sleeved, will keep you company when the sun goes in. And if this isn’t enough, add an overshirt to the look.
  • You can now get the jeans out and you won’t overheat. Black, blue, the lot, it’s now acceptable to wear them all.
  • Jackets are important, and you need to layer them so you’re at just the right temperature. Plus, you need to think about the colours and if they still give you the last of the summer kind of look.

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On That Note

Even though the hotter months are coming to a close, it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. It just means you have to dress accordingly and with a little more thought. You’re going to need to be in more than just a T-shirt and shorts because when the clouds start to cover the sky’s, you’ll be wanting a jacket. However, with the right colours and patterns, you can still embrace the summery look so get searching for that ideal end of summer outfit.

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