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Ibiza is one of the most famous party destinations in the world. Renowned for its huge clubs and wild nights it’s definitely the place to be this summer. Picking the right clothes to take is an important part of any holiday. Here’s what to wear to Ibiza this year.

Packing your suitcase

With the music lineups promising to be a hit this year, Ibiza is the place to be if you’re looking to escape the dull every day and surround yourself in a crazy world of clubs, booze and that perfect holiday vibe.

One of the biggest Ibiza essential is a decent suitcase. You will be living out of this for a while so it’s important to get everything packed properly. It may seem like an easy thing to do, but there are tricks to doing it properly that mean you can pack more into your case so have a bigger choice of clothes, or just giving you more space for souvenirs.

  • Rolling your clothes to keep them from creasing, while using up less space.
  • Combining items togethersuch as putting your socks in your shoes.
  • Tying your cords up with elastic bands to keep them from tangling.
  • All toiletries in a toiletry bagand investing in travel bottles.

The Beach

This is probably the first place people go to after their hotel room, and it’s not surprising. Ibiza has some of the most beautiful, and energetic beaches around, so if you’re planning on a morning sunbathe or party, the beach is the place to be.

Flip flops can be a bit controversial. With some people claiming they’re a perfectly reasonable thing to wear, and others thinking they should all be burnt along with crocs. However, there’s little argument against the idea of wearing them to the beach. They’re perfect for protecting your feet from the scorching sand and can be slipped off when you want to take a dip in the sea.

What to wear on top is a little more debatable. If you’re planning on spending most of your time in the sea then you can stick to your trunks, but if you going to mix it up a bit, then you might want something a little more versatile. A pair of simple shorts and a lightweight T-shirt in a breathable fabric is an easy style to pull off and pairing it up with some patterned sunglasses will keep it from looking too ordinary.

The Club

This is perhaps the most important outfit to get right on holiday. You want to look good, but not overdressed. This isn’t a London club where chinos and a shirt is acceptable. In Ibiza, it’s about looking relaxed, staying cool, and not trying too hard. A good pair of chino shorts, paired with a simple T-shirt and neat trainers or plimsolls is a good starting point, and you can mix around with colour depending on your look.

If you’re sick of shorts then try a pair of jeans instead. Make sure they’re loose enough for you to easily move around in but aren’t so baggy that you’re losing that finished look. You also want them to be tapered enough that your trainers aren’t drowned out by them. There’s a certain laid back vibe to Ibiza, but you still want to look like you’ve dressed properly, so fit is important. Learn what style jeans fit your body best and go for them.

Pool Party

You’re either a speedo or a trunk kind of guy. You can go for a range of patterns depending on what kind of look you’re going for, but make sure they’re the right kind of shape – not too baggy or tight. Any longer and you’ll look like you’re channelling the 90s skater look.


Maybe you’ve booked a long holiday and fancy an afternoon’s break from the parties. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself out of the hotel and on the streets of Ibiza, you might want a few pieces that are comfortable and less focused around the clubs. A great staple piece is a short sleeved shirt. You can layer it over a T-shirt, open it up if you’re boiling, and it goes with everything, from chinos to shorts.

However, we know that it is 30 degrees on a sunny Balearic Island so we understand if you just want to wear shorts. Take a decent backpack with you as it’s going to be your best friend with you on holiday. Easy to chuck a towel, a drink and some sun tan lotion in. Better to be safe than sorry after all.

The Hangover Day

Dealing with your hangover in Ibiza properly is one of the most important things to get right. Let’s be honest, you’re gonna be stumbling into bed at 7 am, feeling like shit and wondering where all your money’s gone. You want to feel comfortable when you wake up, so we’ll talk you through the basic things to make your life easy.

Shorts, sunglasses and a hat. The sun is going to feel like it’s burning a hole in your eyes so some good sunglasses are essential. Bearing that in mind, a cap is also going to be your best friend throughout your time on the White Isle. It’ll keep your face safe from the sun and can also be worn on a night out. Shorts, well, that’s obvious isn’t it really? You want to be comfortable when you feel like death warmed up so make sure they’re light and a soft material.

How to Dress in Ibiza

  • Remember to pack your bag properly. Save space by combining clothes and rolling to avoid creases.
  • Get your hands on some swimming trunks and colourful flip flops for the beach.
  • Dressing up for the club can be tricky. A pair of smart shorts and a T-shirt is best.
  • Wear something loose and comfortable for when you’re hungover or want to relax.

On That Note

So, now you’ve read our guide you’re all set. Ibiza is without a doubt the home of clubbing, which means you should dress casually. Whether it’s In The Dark and Hï Ibiza or Ibiza Rocks for a pool party, this handy little guide will see you through. Ibiza fashion means shorts, sunglasses and open shirts so think casual for your time on the Island. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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