Why Is Water Essential For Life?

Why Is Water Essential For Life?
Water is vital for life. Although the human body depends on milk and other fluids for survival, drinking water is essential for life. Proper hydration is vital for people who would like to achieve maximum performance while working out. Water is the ultimate elixir that would keep the body healthy and free from illnesses. But why is water essential for life?

Why water is life essential:

The earth is made up of 70% of it. It is the most abundant chemical substance on earth, and a large majority of the chemical elements are found in the water that we drink. The human body is dependent on water for nutrition as well as flushing the toxins from the body.

Water Essential For Life
Water Essential For Life

75% of all people that die every year have a chronic dehydration problem. That is a shocking statistic. But it’s also true that those who drink contaminated water are also molluscs of the microbial world. The environment is currently a dirty one that is full of toxins. These people who drink contaminated water are vulnerable to the existence of other infectious diseases that spread fast.

For the body to function normally, it needs to be hydrated at a molecular level that allows the body to function as it should. The body functions in designed ways. When the body is not fully hydrated, it resists the normal functions it needs to carry out.

In the absence of nutrient water, the body goes into safeguarding mode, slowing the functions carried out in the body regularly. These protective functions are things like the heart that beats without the aid of water, the lungs that take in oxygen without the presence of liquid, the muscles that contract without water, and the chemical reactions in the cells that use energy without water acting as a medium.

Water is the body’s lubricant. Without it, the joints of the body would wear away due to daily rubbing. It is also the base medium of blood, and the’: blood gives you your energy; water carries away dead bodies.

You can recognise the symptoms like headaches, migraines, swollen ankles, lower back and leg pain, and irritable bowel syndrome, to name a few. In the long run, dehydration will deny the body its normal functions and minimal recovery. So how can you tell if water is contaminated?

The colour of the water tells you if it is unfiltered, cloudy, or sediment. The clarity of the water in its clear state results from oil being dispelled from the water through the natural cleansing process. If the water is sedimentary or cloudy in any way, then it contains natural mineral impurities.

From time to time, government studies will be done on water quality. Eventually, this data will be processed and made available to the public via websites and papers. Check the websites for more information on government tests and the best water quality you can buy.

What can you do about water impurities? One way people can go about it is to get a water filter.

A water filter will take out the impurities in your water such as sediments, Giardia, insect eggs, virus, lead, rust, calcium, etc. Drinking plain tap water is not a choice you should make.

Now that you know the impurities present in your water, you must choose a water filter that will remove them.

Marketed water filters will fracture minerals. The filtering process will not change the essential chemical composition of the water. The minerals will still be present but in a form that your body can process.

Most water filters have a filter option. You must choose the filter that will achieve the best results. One of the best is a reverse osmosis filter. This will improve the quality of the water by killing the impurities in it.

While choosing a filter, you must be aware of the contaminants that may be present. Most of them are present in 3 areas: the upper aerated water, the precipitate water, and the lower aerated water.

The aerated water contains contaminants such as chlorine, carbon dioxide, lime etc. The latter will be very bad for your skin. So make sure that you get pure water that is clean from all impurities.

The lower aerated water also holds many impurities that your body must-have. Then, the main issue on your mind is that you must make sure that you get the best water conditions. To do this, you can get a RO filter, which is documented to remove; carbon dioxide, bacteria, lead, rust, animal feces, etc.

Finally, the upper aerated water is Enza bloating or gas. You can Even be Having to bloat now and again is perfectly normal.

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