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Nothing says spring like our seafaring sidekick. Here at Curated Mint HQ, we show you why stripes are your go-to this spring. From how to wear, to the best brands offering striped clothing right now, we’ve covered it all. Read on to find out more right here.

With spring almost upon us – although with this weather, not that we’d know it – stripes are making their annual comeback. Traditional nautical, irregular stripes, striped accessories, which ever way you choose to wear them this season, we’ve got you covered. The traditional Breton top has endured as a style staple for almost 200 years, with its long history dating back to the 1800s. We take a look at its rich maritime history and show you which stripes to wear this spring and how to wear them.

smart stripes street style

Street style stripes

History of the Breton Top

The father of all striped T-shirts, the Breton top dates way back to the mid 1800s. The traditional white and navy striped top was introduced in France in 1858 as the uniform of the French Navy, making it easier to locate seamen who had gone overboard.

The style was quickly adopted by sailors across Northern France, in particular Breton workers in Brittany (hence the name). As part of her 1917 Nautical collection, Chanel focused designs largely around the striped shirt, introducing it for commercial use as a style staple for the everyday, synonymous with maritime history. By the 1950s, Beatnik culture had picked up the striped T-shirt for its timeless simplicity and enduring style.

Allegedly, the 21 stripe design of the original breton T-shirt signified each of Napoleon’s victories. Today, stripes come in all shapes and sizes, from classic thin white and navy style stripes to thick stripes, multi-coloured ones, and asymmetrical ones. And they don’t just grace our T-shirts either.

stripes street style

Colourful stripes

The Classic T-Shirt

Go back to basics and invest in a classic navy and white striped T-shirt. This is the ultimate way to invest in stripes this spring – the nautical feel of a traditional Breton style tee is the definitive nod to warmer days to come and nostalgic memories of trips to the seaside.

If you can imagine yourself sinking a few pints by the sea on a crisp spring afternoon, then invest in these classic nautical stripes. These maritime inspired stripes are an enduring style staple, so invest in decent quality as they’ll be sure to carry you through the years.

Irregular Stripes

If you’re one to stand out from the crowd, perhaps the traditional nautical stripe isn’t for you, so why not try irregular stripes in non-traditional colours. Block stripes in thick and thin widths, blurred water colour effects and digitised gradient styles can all be really effective. Go for muted, plain colours to avoid irregular stripes looking awkward or clumsy.

The best way to style irregular stripes is with a pair of plain jeans or chinos. If your top half stands out, you don’t want your look to be too garish or in-your-face, so compromise with the bottoms. Soft blues and subtle browns evoke memories of warm days by the sea and are great colour options for spring.

smart casual stripes Black and white stripes


As spring approaches you can re-introduce accessories into your everyday wardrobe. Winter accessories are fairly limited to a watch and a bag, but a new season brings more options. Sticking to the classic red, white and blue colours, swimming trunks, watches and plimsolls all get a nautical injection with traditional nautical colours. As long as you stick to the same colour theme, you can mix and match striped accessories to your heart’s content.

Why Stripes Are Your Go-To This Spring

  • Stripes are a classic lookthey never really go out of fashion.
  • They can make a relatively simple and boring outfit into something with a bit more depth.
  • Clothing featuring stripes has a long history and will always be a classic.
  • Stripes are perfect for the warmer weatherso get a head start now.
  • Striped clothing can complement your body shape perfectly.

On That Note

Which ever way you choose to style them, stripes are big this spring. Whether you opt for a traditional nautical look, a less regular stripe or a striped accessory, be sure to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Stripes are a fail safe option that deliver year after year, and their timeless style and rich maritime history make them your go-to this spring.

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