Yoto Mini Speaker Aims to Entertain Kids Without Screen Time


yoto mini speaker

If I had to compile a list of the top ten kid accessories, Yoto Mini Speaker would be right on the top of the compilation. Pentagram in collaboration with tech startup Yoto has developed this interactive audio toy that plays stories, music, radio, and podcasts for children.

In a world dominated by screens, this audio toy aims at entertaining kids without screen time. And for this, the Yoto Mini Speaker is influenced by the design of Yoto player – a square box with orange knobs –  launched years back. 

The mini speaker is a compact, screen-free, and high-quality device used for storytelling. Your ward can explore hundreds of stories, songs, and radio stations without being glued to the mobile screen. Carefully designed for kids, the device is controlled with physical cards and plays the audio content kids want to listen to.

The minimal design of the speaker will remind you of toys you used to own in your childhood. Appealing to all age groups and boasting high-quality audio, Yoto Mini can be paired with Bluetooth, headphones, and USB. The mini speaker includes a tiny pixelated LED display that’s visually engaging and would encourage kids to pay attention to the audio and let their imagination run free. 

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One can simply download the Yoto App for iOS or Android which will guide them through the setup process. Smaller in size and much cheaper as compared to its previous model, the speaker would cost you around $60. Kids can even design their own stories with DIY kits.

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